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  1. Do you believe online empowerment can lead to offline empowerment? If so, tell us how! Absolutely! Through online, we are able to create a very closely connected pool of diverse resources of talents, tools and materials available online are crucial simultaneously essential for economic and community development. My goals have been to learn new ways of doing good in the society and help bring talented people together to achieve that. And so far I have been able to do that continuously through social media postings and a connected network of community members where we are developing the start-up eco-system and nurturing young talents to utilize technology to solve social problems. This is one of the ways online empowerment translates to offline empowerment.

We promote our work and spread awareness through social media and allow people to learn about it and join forces. This very essence of online communication can lead to real time effects in every particular community because knowledge spreads like a good virus to affect the ones who are willing and empower them to affect the ones who are not willing.

This notion of helping is the side-effect of online communication and is something we all need to properly nurture for the youth to shape the world in a better way but through one step at a time.

Through our initiative, parents are empowered to take control of their children through our initiative and apart from that millions of parents of around the world are being benefitted regularly by having access digital technologies to better help their children and result in higher developments in their children’s lives. For disabled and children with learning disability are able to do much more than what their society had thought they could only because of the digitization. It is resulting in an in independent culture creating a self-sufficient people who are capable of making simplest to big changes in their lives. Such as, now a days iPads and Android based tablets and applications developed to monitor children and track their progress allowing the teachers and parents to create a better life for their autistic children. These are great examples of the endless possibilities.

Every stakeholder in the autism community are now connected. Game developers can develop their games and send it to us and this opens the platform to a vast community and enables global participation. Then researchers and educators globally can connect and result in problem solving of any critical case. This is a platform that earlier did not exist in our country which we are trying to achieve. I believe in a year or two we will have a more connected society than ever in this spectrum of learning disability stakeholders.

Online training and developments opportunities are helping individuals to earn knowledge and aware themselves of their rights, which enables them to take actions accordingly. Rural and urban education is a key concern for the governments of all nations and through online interventions of providing access to public information and others is enabling a nation to be more educated. In Bangladesh, an organization called- Amader Cloud has made this possible through various pilot projects on delivering information to rural families on their basic rights as citizens of Bangladesh. They are monitoring their activities on the tablet provided to them and are able to understand the utilization and impact rates of such projects. These kind of opportunities are prime examples of online empowerment translated to offline empowerments.

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Thank you for your work to encourage people to be empowered offline and take the appropriate actions to better themselves and society at large. Your story is encouraging because so often we focus on how people are not connecting enough and fomenting deep division.

Good luck with your important work.


Hey Amy,

Thank you so much!! It is really humbling to hear such positive feedback, it is a huge struggle but I hope with the right kind of support system it can eventually be very possible to enrich people with access to information.


Dear Mahenaz,

Thank you for your posting on what is happening in Bangladesh around the impact of digital technology. I am pleased to hear about what you doing in relation to children with autism and other disabilities. Such a creative and smart use of technology to connect a network of stakeholder support. It can be so isolating for families to try and deal with situations on their own that can be quite complex and challenging.

I am interested to hear more about your start-up ecosystem. What does that look like??

I can hear the commitment and dedication in your posting and thank you for the wonderful work you are doing. You are making a real difference in the world. I know that more greatness will come from you!


hi Bheki, it is so wonderful to hear from you. first of all apologies for the delay in response. And thank you so much for taking interest in my project. well for the ecosystem of startups, we have had a recent boom in entrepreneurship so a lot of competitions and organizations are coming forward but it needs to quickly start with the coaching and mentoring and providing consultancy to these startups for progress and implementation.

so, for me I am looking into local and global avenues for such expert mentorship and consultancy for strong overseas and local collaboration. my main aim is to get the word out to people and create strong bridges for stakeholders to communicate and share knowledge.

what's your take on my strategy? looking forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Mahenaz

hello,I recently joined in worldpulse,i am very much happy to see all those things in this worldpulse,see how technologies are developing.............thank you very very much for posting this...........

Hi Mahenaz--thank you for your reply. I'm happy to hear about your plans for supporting startups. The economic empowerment piece is so important and there are many things that need to be understood if people are going to have a successful, sustainable business. I am part of a group that is teaching small business enterprise development to women in prison who are going to be releasing within the next year or so, so that they have the tools to employ themselves. There are many employers who are reluctant to employ felons so having another option is important. Women get caught in a cycle of dependence without the ability to financially support themselves so I applaud your strategy.

Best of everything as you go forward with your work. Bheki