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  1. Why do you think digitally empowering women is important? How will it help women transform the world? It is important that women have access to information and are fully aware of their surrounding and rights. Digital empowerment can enhance their potential capability to come forward to take better care of themselves, their family, career and community.

In Bangladesh, the government has taken the initiative of transforming Bangladesh in to a Digital Bangladesh and focusing on ICT revolution. This has allowed women across the nation to acquire education and knowledge through internet and telecommunication. From staying home women are able to achieve many possibilities which previously wasn’t possible because this scope wasn’t available.

The opportunity of being connected to resources and people is taking lesser time such as, now one mother in Dhaka can now connect to another mother New York but are suffering from the same problems with their autistic child are able to share their challenges and help each other out. This is the era of reducing distance for the better good. My aim is to help the helpless mothers whose only worry is how to ensure a better life for their autistic children. How can we help them? Answer is pretty simple- we deliver information that is their right to know and act upon. Giving them access to information of: 1. where to go for help? 2. Who to go to? 3. And how can they help their children?

These are the most excruciatingly painful problems parents and mothers in our society face. Buckets Engineer is dedicated to provide solutions to these problems by creating a forum accessible from anywhere and from any device to understand what is wrong with their children and accordingly who should they go for early intervention of diagnosis and therapy. Bangladesh is such a vast country and the society is evolving.

Women are changing their mediums of communication and educating themselves and I believe this is the time to ensure that they are well equipped with everything they need to know to make better use of their time and resources to invest into the development of their own lives and their children’s and families. The doctors and therapists in our network can now talk to these parents over the phone or online media anytime and from anywhere and help them thoroughly to guide them. This is something we had not imagined in Bangladesh before but Buckets Engineer is making it a reality and now Bangladesh can be connected to the world and the world can learn and share their stories with our people.

This will give a voice to the mothers and the care givers who can share their success stories and encourage each other and lead to a better society overall. The opportunity cost of time can be utilized in a much more effective manner and in fruitful things such as better relationship building within the family members and taking better care of themselves too. This is empower women to break free from the societal stereotypical notions of cursing the mothers of being the root problem behind giving birth to autistic children. This way we can educate the society to learn about the true causes of autism and how its not the fault of a mother. Women can now raise their voice and make a difference through digital empowerment by demonstrating their struggles and milestones they reach with their children’s development to the society to make them aware about how to deal with autism.

Autism is usually considered a curse in our country, a state of being that is compared to being mad. People do not hesitate to yell harsh and inhuman comments to the autistic people on the streets or in any social gatherings. Our work once demonstrated, our work of involving technological interventions to revolutionize the learning and care-giving methodologies, then people can be educated about the truth of autism and how sensitive and special these people are. I am talking about bringing a positive mindset grooming in the community we live in. The only way it can spread is through digital empowerment.

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Dear Mahenaz,

What tremendous steps forward that there is a move in your country to make the internet available. You are involved in such important work, creating support networks for mothers with autistic children. Autism is such a devastating and mysterious illness, and the more we can learn from each other, the more children can be helped, and the more mothers and other family members can be supported. This is such critical work, and your descriptions of the down to earth ways that the internet is helping is a celebration. I have wanted to understand how to best assist children with autism, and have read books by Donna Williams, who has come through severe autism herself, and I have learned a great deal from her. She lives in Australia, and two of her books that taught me a lot are: Nobody Nowhere and Somebody Somewhere. Thank you for writing about this important subject.

With Love in Sisterhood,


Hi Tamarack!

It is such a great feeling to hear from you and the positive sentiments regarding this topic. I am really happy to be connected with you and I hope with my efforts in Bangladesh, I can help reach more people to contribute to spreading more awareness about this topic. Thank you also for recommending the books, I am definitely going to have a read. Keep in touch! I hope we can continue sharing more of our experiences!

Love, Mahenaz


This is such a great project. we speak a lot about empowering women but empowering mothers is an approach that needs to be experimented. I am glad to hear that in Bangladesh, the government is focusing on technology, it means that they understood early enough the economic and social impacts of this tool. You should be praised for working in the field of autism. keep the good spirit and the good work.

Kadidia Doumbia

thank you so much for reaching out. Now it is really upto us to take advantage of the tech hype in our country.but the toughest challenge is to make things happen with the right support.

It is true that women can change the world for good,they are stepping out from various angles,yes like changing their ways of communication,educating themselves and equipping themselves with productive skills for better tomorrow.

Joy Eze

it is true but the women really need to start seeing the bigger picture and take a stand. i see that happening in very less amount. the womenhood needs to be given the support to educate themselves on changing the community and their social lives for better. what do you think about that?