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Blogging is a short and best way to publicize any personal ideas, Information’s, feelings, knowledge and stories. That supports me to create a big contact network with different peoples live in the world. But to publicize my idea I face slight problems. The first problem is I can’t to find good internet connection in Ethiopia. The Internet connection is very slow more than I can say a word about that. The other thing I have no computer at home because of that to blog any idea on different websites like Pulse wire Internet cafes charged me high amount of money. But the main problem we face in our country is we have no any idea about Blogging. I learn these blogging ideas by asking different peoples. I have no any additional idea in detail. May be some times language also can be the other barrier. All blogging website use English language but our official language is Amharic.

There will be a lot of solutions for these problems. But I have some ideas for that. The first solution will be face challenges not accept them. Through those challenges I am struggling to post my ideas. The other thing I am trying to read about blogging. May be to solve the problems about less understanding of blogging taking some trainings and sharing ideas with other can give a good solution. I need your support to train me and to share my knowledge’s for the community to create the basic awareness. I need basic trainings and Personal computer with the Internet connection at home. I need others support to share me their experience!!! When I was in College I am taking HTML as common course but I didn’t get the chance to practice it. So I had forgotten that to implement it practically. That will be the one indicator among many barriers!!


I can hardly imagine life without a computer! We got our first one, a used laptop, about 7 years ago now and when that died a few months later we bought a used pc at a garage sale that lasted us about 6 months.

Between me and my 4 daughters our computer is in use pretty much all day. We had about 3 months last summer where we did not have internet connection and we were going stir crazy but luckily our library has free internet use but only for an hour each.

I can imagine the frustration of not having a good and affordable way of keeping online as often as is needed. Hopefully that will change as new types of smaller notebooks and cell phones that are meant for texting become more popular.


Dear Mahi,

Grace here, your VOF listener for this week. You chose a good title for this piece. It does certainly sound like a struggle to have to learn so much and to have to overcome technical barriers, and yet you are doing your best and learning and writing. I hope you will persevere, because you seem like a passionate person with a lot of important perspectives to share.

All my best, Grace

I like your quote a lot--- was it something you thought of?

By the way, do you have a cell phone? I'm wondering if micro-blogging, one to two lines long, from your phone is any easier and cost less than finding a computer?

Warmly, cynthia

Cynthia Casas

Hi Cynthia Thank you for your comment my phone number is +25111446808.I live in Ethiopia.May be the network will not be good when you call, but don't give up try until you get me via phone.

Mahlet Gossaye Intern Support Manger and M&E person DOT Ethiopia