About Me: Teaching Science to young minds for the past 9 years, along with my involvement in CA Native Plant Society, Dining For Women, and Women at the Well has opened my eyes to many inequities that could be easily be solved with knowledge, patience and encouragement. The food supply for our tiny planet is in danger...our native habitats are increasingly encroached upon by thoughtless or short-sighted actions, the bounty and diversity of our beautiful rural landscapes threatened by human activity and a lack of preparation for the coming (already started?) planetary climate changes.

How can we all be more prepared? Yes, with communication and cooperation. Can we all be fed, housed and gainfully occupied? I believe we can, if we work together and teach each other. Knowledge is power, cooperation is the strength to move social perspective towards a mutually beneficial equilibrium. If women can cooperate and begin solving these basic issues, the whole human population will benefit.

My Passions: Gardening, cooking, reading (science, astronomy, robotics)

My Challenges: Managing my time, learning to focus on what is most important to me.

My Vision for the Future: Starting or joining ever expanding rings of communication, education, cooperation.

My Areas of Expertise: Teacher, mentor, coach, event organizer, team leader, cooperative inspiration & motivation for teams


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