Hi ! It's great to be one of you here in this another journey we are in. Congratulations once more! For sure, this will be another empowering and inspiring experience for me together with you. My apologies if I can't give my responses to your post immediately - not that i don't appreciate it but. I really wanted to write long letters and make it really worthy to read about not just as spontaneous as I could be and it took me time in writing aside from my very bisy life and my very acitve preschool daughter who always want my attention. So just bear with me , just hang on my friends and enjoy the ride!

Wish you all the best! I love you all!



My dear Maria,

hi! how are you? thank you so much for the post. How i love to send you my warm reply immediately. I love reading your post . looking forward for more interesting experience with you on line.

with care, malayapinas

Congratulations, busy with the mother role, I find to appreciate your choice being here with us and showing your wonderful ability to tell things!

I know it is a great and inspiring journey! And it will teach us how we can raise our daughters and write @ the same time!!!

Courage and joy!

With best wishes, Victoria

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Hi! love to hear from you. wishing you all the best and thank you so much for the inspiring words . yes being a mother really need lots of energy, patience and understanding. happiness for me knowing you here on the pulsewire. Congratulations!

with kisses,


Hi Malayapinas, I really appreciate your hardworking and efforts. Its really difficulty especially for married nad new mother women. Please keep writing we are waiting to read your story. Thank you. With love and regards Sunita

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Hi dear! what a wonderful; world of loving ang caring women. Thanks for the appreciation. I do read your journal and I admire your courage and determination. Keep on writing!

best wishes,


Dear Malayapinas, Thank you so much for your inspiring words. I believe, this is not only for networking but also for support and care. It's all our responsibility isn't it. Thank you so much for your valuable words With Love and regards

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Hi Malayapinas I understand what you are going through. I have a two year old son who needs my attention after i return from work. I am looking forward to networking with all of you and i send my best wishes as well.

Cheers, Gertrude Pswarayi

Hi! thanks for the understanding! children are gifts and they are precious jewels to mothers. No matter how tired we are , we have still the strength and energy to move on. Yes, your name remind me of a friend. Keep caring!

hugs to you,