About Me: I"m a simple woman who loves my family , my friends and all the women and children who are suffering from injustices and struggling for freedom. I' m a woman whose life is dedicated to serve the people especially the poor women and children of my country and the world. I have my own pains and struggles in my daily undertakings together with other women and men in our journey towards freedom. But the pains and the struggles is a joy knowing there is light at the end of the night.


Time flies so fast! I've just realized that it was almost a month since I've join the PulseWire. Thank you Jade for welcoming me and having the commitment in the journey with the women all over the world towards freedom . How i wish I could really express and let the world hear my voice and the voices of women and children in my country who are in pain fighting for our basic rights for survival through this online journey of mine with my limited writing skill. As I'm taking my daily battles against all the pressures of my journey as a mother, a wife and an activist leader - I need a lot of patience, dedication to learn, understand and rise above the difficulties and sacrifices. Everyday's survival is a gain of wisdom and empowerment , a collective wisdom and hope build up to meet more difficult and challenging times ahead. My everyday survival is also a survival of every working woman in the developing countries like the Philippines, who bear most of the brunt of the economic crisis and political oppression brought about by the rotten economic system of imperialist globalization and their global war on terror. Thus, giving more meaning and life to continue our fight and our journey towards freedom as we celebrate today our International Day as women. Here in the Phipippines, we will celebrate this special day this afternoon with a big nationwide demonstration , where thousand of women's voices roaring the streets demanding the Philippine government to stop using people's money and sending more women abroad as domestic helpers for economic stimulus package against the impact of global depression. The streets will be filled with women voices shouting Down with Imperialist Globalization! Down with War on Terror! No to the US- Visiting Forces Agreement! Hope this will be our last celebration of International Women's Day with a woman president who is corrupt, dictator and fascist.

In Solidarity to All Freedom Loving Women in the World