VOF Week 1 – (A Golden Moment for Women Struggling for Peace and Freedom)

The discovery of connecting women all over the world with common and diverse experiences is indeed an exciting journey towards a common goal for global women empowerment. Web 2.0 is my newly found beautiful place for ordinary women like me who wanted to share innermost thoughts and feelings to others. I believe this could contribute in the making of myself as a woman and as a mother in shaping this world a place for everyone without fear of discrimination and exploitation. This is another woman’s place of struggle for peace, freedom and justice.

I find Web 2.0 a powerful medium in advancing solutions to the global women empowerment movement through electronic communication. The courage of expressing and forming ideas by women is women empowerment by itself. This is overcoming the fear of being trivialized and criticized of being mediocre. In today’s reality , ideas always come from powers that be despite the hurt and violence it brings and are being imposed to those whom they believed are weak and incapable being like us women.

Web 2.0 is an alternative solution to the voices of women who don’t have access to mainstream media who have strict censorship on the issue of women and social justice. The voices of women who have long been unheard will echo in every corner of the globe, powerful voices of women who chant peace and sing songs of freedom will reverberate making humane changes in the global map of life.

This is a golden moment for us women who are struggling for peace and freedom, to get involved and bind each other to be one in freeing ourselves, our children, our husbands and our people from the existing forces that dominate the world.I know that getting involved in this advocacy on the web for women’s empowerment is not easy .

In the first place, I’m not a writer ( though, I wish I could be one) , grasping for words and making myself understood by others is still a learning process for me. But, trying patiently to weave the different scattered voices of Filipino women to become a piece of idea in Web 2.0 is an empowerment. I need to speak to help break the silence of Filipino women and their families who cannot eat three square meals a day, don’t have roofs under their heads, don’t have medicines whenever they get sick and worse , being persecuted by a Filipino woman president whenever they have the courage to speak and seek for justice.

I’m confident that collective efforts of the global women will help me go through this advocacy no matter how rough the road ahead. We will be mentors together in this learning journey of advancing the voice of Filipino women and the women of the world.


I was just about to send you an email making sure you'd made it back from the countryside and were able to participate. And then I realized that I should check your journal first. And voila! Your first assignment has been posted!

Glad to see you here!


Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations

hi ! thank you! just open my email form a one week community work. I tried to open the week two assignment but i can't access it. Can you sen it to me today? But i'm not sure if i can bet the deadline, still i will try. thanks!

Your excitement for Web 2.0, passion for women's rights, and honest way of writing is inspiring!

I appreciate that you mentioned so many women's empowerment and women's rights issues and then provided more specifc details about the realities for too many Filipino women. Your voice is strong. I would love to hear your thoughts on more specific examples of solutions Web 2.0 can / are providing for Filipino women.

Hi JC! thank you so much for your comments! It's so encouraging and the feeling is so great! yap, I'm thinking of many specific examples of solutions web 2.0 can provide to us Filipino women and I have lots of thoughts coming out yet i'm not really sure of which one I'm going to say. As i'm writing this , i'm confronted of the hungry faces of small children of a peasant family whom i met in the rural areas during my community work. With no rice to eat and,just a slice of sweet potato for dinner , I feel like crying watching these little kids as they went to sleep. The mother told me that she wants a job in the city and i asked her who's going to take care of the kids. She smiled at me and said - my husband. It's breaking my heart! I know how difficult for a mother to leave her kids - but what are the choices left for her? I was not able to sleep that night thinking of so many hungry kids out there, thinking of mothers who are so desperate on how to feed her children. Maybe , I can find some answer in Web 2.0 as a global women pool of resources whom we could connect and find possible solutions in terms of specific needs we have such as health and nutrition, child care, income generating activities, etc.. In web 2.0 , I found women offering their resources for income generating projects, capability building, network of funding agencies , support groups for victims of violence and political persecution and many more. I know , what i've mention are support systems to our women's movement here in the Philippines for us to continue and strenghten our movement towards genuine change and development. The women's movement together with the people's movement struggling for freedom and social justice here in the Philippines lies the future of our people and Web 2.0 could be a strong international movement that could support us in our many campaigns , Through the web 2.0 , we can make mass movement that could pressure our government to stop political killings of activists and journalists or abrogating the US Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) through launching global campaigns on line and l coordinated actions. Specific example was the victorious web campaign of both Palestinian and Palestinian supporters against the US-Israeli war in Gaza recently. This made the world realized how cruel and brutal the US- back Israeli government against the Palestinian people. Well... so many words to say and i'm becoming agitated and angry against superpowers and governments that slaughtered innocent women,children because of monstrous greed for power and money. I know, all these suffering will end and change will surely come . When that time comes, PulseWire and Web 2.0 is a great contribution, a legacy for the future generation!