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A few months ago I was reading a World Vision’s girl child report 2001 and a came across the statement “Girls are the world’s squandered gift. They are precious human beings with enormous potential, but across the world they are generally the last to have their basic needs met and the first to have the basic rights denied.”

This stirred my spirit to look for ways in which I could give girls in rural Kenya a chance to develop with dignity and integrity after all they are growing to be women who will be in charge of households and communities and if not empowered they will be unprepared to face the challenges of cultural stereotype and gender inequality.

This is the basis of Project Africa’s Sistar Camps. Every month of April, August and December, Project Africa organises a five day Sistar Camp for girls aged 8- 18 years old. The girls attend the camp for education and mentorship where they get a chance to learn from mentors on various issues ranging from sexuality to talent to education and careers etc.

From the 17 – 25 April 2009, Project Africa was honoured to host a total of 90 girls in our centres in Lungalunga where 38 girls were mentored in sexuality and in Kakamega, 52 girls were taught how to be creative writers.

In Lungalunga, the Sistar camp which was themed ‘Breaking the Silence’ saw girls asking questions with an aim to understand their body changes, love, sex and relationships amongst others.

At the camp we had loving and creative mentors as they stepped in to help two particular girls who broke the silence of issues that had affected them for so long. One particular girl broke the news to the mentors that she was raped when she was five years old. She has been living with this trauma all along. Another girl shared that she has been bleeding continuously and that made her hate being herself yet she did not know where to seek help.

Many times girls get half baked information about sex and dating, about careers and education and other but not about menstruation. According to the Project Africa Leaders in Lungalunga, Many times the message on menstruation is left for mothers and teachers who shy away from discussing sexuality with their daughters. This results in an effect where girls are so uninformed about their bodies and the physiological changes that occur at adolescence.

In Kakamega, with the help of a brilliant woman Juliet Maruru and her Collegue Wangui mentored the girls on creative writing. I got to know Juliet maruru through world pulse wire and it is an honour to network with women with such great talent as Juliet has. At the end of the camp, the girls in Kakamega were issued with certificates for their participation.

It is our hope in Project Africa that we will continue to reach out to girls from rural communities and giving them a chance to rediscover them selves.


mamaAfrica, One of the first things I saw on the World Pulse website was The Girl Effect video and it moved me on such a deep level for the same reason the work you are doing with mentorship for girls and young women moves me. I believe, absolutely that girls are a tremendous gift to the world and more spaces need to be created where they can be nurtured, mentored and educated about the many facets of having a female body and what that means in relationship to our distinctions and our sexual experience. The world is so lucky to have you and the work that you do. Thank you for constantly inpspiring me! Jocelyn

Hello Jocelyn,

It has been an honour for me to work with the women and the girls and particularly to help the girls rediscover them selves and break out of the box of prejudice and stereotype. These are the Stars that will shine in the future and it is time now for them to arise. Please give a hug or a smile to a girl you meet and tell her she is beautiful. I believe that when we let them know how beautiful they are. we build their self esteem and will not look elsewhere either in the media, or in relationships to be told so. they will already know they are beautiful. I take time to give every girl and woman I meet every day a smile of appreciation and if allowed i hug them and tell them "you are smart, or you are beautiful" I think this makes us all feel good.

thanks for your inspiration as well. I love you


Hi Enie, Thank you so much for encouraging me even through your contributions. I am happy to have been chosen and hope I will be a mouthpiece for the women in Africa even in the next face. I pray to keep in contact with you all through so you can help me sharpen my skills.

thanks for your regards


You shall definitely do you best, for i see alot of zeal and dynamism in you. Thanks for the kind words and i will gladly encourage and assist in any way i can. I for one knew i would not make it for my computer decided to breakdown during the period, as such i was not able to submit the 1st assignment, that ofcourse disqualified me somehow. However, i join the community more for the exchange and collaboration.

All the best Cecile

I wish to congratulate you on being selected as a correspondent for World Pulse. Your work and writing is very inspirational; and i believe it will touch the world to do more in changing the lives of girls. May the Lord bless your work and make you a blessing to many.

Shalom! Terry

Terry Shiundu

Asante sana dada kwa kunitia moyo. I will do my best to represent all and to fly higher the banner of womanhood. for you, for me, for my country, for my continent, for the all womankind.

I am so glad to hear of you being a correspondent. Again, what an honour it is to have been communicating with you so much over the past month. Thank you for sharing the photos of the camps, what a light to the world! I look forward to being in touch again soon and to growing together!

blessings, Darcey

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." — John Lennon

They are stars arising and shining brighter nad brighter to a perfect day. Am proud of every support that I have received from you and other women on this network. united we are a stronger force. The Sistar camp was a great success and we intend to do even better when we see fathers calling in to our offices requesting that their daughters be enrolled for mentorship. We now know we are making an impact. Thank you for joining us in this journey

I am so happy for you, being selected as a correspondent. I also believe that girls are a wasted gift, usually overshadowed and taken for granted. It is a beautiful project you have initiated and I know that it will produce great results a few years down the line. Be encouraged in all you endeavors Mama Africa.

love, Nelly