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Dear Rafiki

I am writing to inform you that today, Thursday 5th march 2009, Mama Anna Muthui held a pen for the first time to write a letter to her Rafiki Elsie who is a member of The Rafiki Club.

According to the Project leader Judy Wanjira who coordinates Project Africa's Rafiki Program in Lungalunga, Mama Anna was so excited about the excise saying that now she can live the dream of her life to learn how to join letters of the alphabet to make a meaning.

Anna who finished writing her first letter demanded that she be taught how to pronounce Elsie's name and went home saying Elsie Elsie so that she may not forget her new friend's name.

What a Joy for all of us. Todate the Rafiki Club has 20 members. Out of these the following have found friends in Lungalunga Kenya

Elsie C matched with Mama Anna Muthui Janice W matched with Mama Damaris Munini Taryn S matched with Mama Benettah Muthina Jennifer A matched with Christine Adam Suzanne K matched with Mama Judy Wanjira

The following members Kindly await to receive your first letters from the women in Lungalunga.

Project Africa Rafiki day is held once every week. We hope to match other members soon with their rafikis

Thank you all for showing such a great interest in this project and for your participation.


I clapped with joy when I read this post. It made me teary eyed with excitement to receive my first letter from my new friend Mama Anna, filled with letters joined to make a beautiful meaning. I can not wait to begin our correspondence.

Thank you also for these gorgeous photos, I already feel so connected to the members of the Rafiki club!

Hugs to all! elsie

Dear Elsie

Yes it is unspeakable joy for me too. When I heard the news I was so excited that wish I could do more. I know the women took photos of their rafiki day and as soon as I receive them, I will share with you and others. I cant wait to see and hear the contents of the miracle letter. I am told that Mama Anna accompanied the project leaders to the post office just to make sure her letter is posted. It is a joy and very empowering both to the rural women and the we who are in the club on this other end.

I am so excited that we are all being matched with our rafiki and can't wait to correspond with Mama Damaris Munini. Thank you for setting up this wonderful program. A big hug to you for all your beautiful work.

A big hug to you too. without women like you it would not have been possible. Mama Damaris is a humble woman. Am sure you will have the best of time in your correspondence. Keep us posted when the lettter comes, I cant wait.

I just e-mailed my address as well. I am excited when I think about making a friend that i most likely otherwise may have never met. As well, to imagine what we can do just through this communication! THANK YOU@