It has taken me a while to decide where to begin my story from and in the end; I choose to start from the middle. To start from the point that has brought me to this point - here. I had for years skirted the issue of who I am and what my purpose on this earth is. I searched my heart and my interests and beliefs and it seemed to elude me. In the meanwhile, I did what was expected of me - went to university, got a law degree, got married, had a child, got a masters degree, had a second child and then Diabetes.

After being bitter and angry and asking ‘why me?’, I remembered that in my core, I am a person who thrives on facts and figures. So I pulled myself up from the boot straps and decided, "This is my body, I determine who or what controls it". So for me this is who I am: Hallo everyone; I am Laolu, I am NOT my diabetes.

I took charge of my diabetes, started a strict diet and exercise regimen, lost 26kg and resolved to ensure no other woman has to go through what I had diabetes. To share the new life I am now live and if I could probably inspire only one person, then I would have served some purpose. I had no idea how to start but I knew that the information I could share would be invaluable. I began to research diabetes and found that so many others were doing a lot to further the cause of finding a cure and in the time being, managing it successfully.

I also realized the shroud of secrecy that surrounds issues relating to health in Nigeria is a more powerful killer than the diseases themselves; so I spoke with friends and family and one very dear friend told me about WorldPulse and the VOF program and I realized that this was a brilliant opportunity to get my voice heard; to ensure that I do not fall into the silence, of keeping this to myself and not sharing what I know with others.

Today, as I prepared to sit down and write this I heard someone say, “Together, each one of us accomplishes more” and I thought ‘this is what the VOF is all about’. Ensuring that many hear about the reality and experience of one person and share in it so that together a change can be made. I am confident to say that in my journey to find ‘me’, I have found many others like me; who live the same life as I do and who are just as determined to end the cycles they live in; just as I am.

My determination is further strengthened by my 21month old daughter. She will grow up to be a woman and I am determined that she be a woman of substance free of all I am to live with now – free from diabetes.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Journey and Vision.


You are one determined woman. I very much appreciate that. I am glad that you want to bring awareness about keeping diabetes under control.I especially like your attitude, nicely put in, in the second paragraph. Keep going! Jency

So many of us can relate to doing what is expected of us. It’s inspiring to hear your “take charge” story. I admire your incredible determination to change your life and share your story to help others.