It is very nice to see this group started. I had a lot of fun doing the VOF and a lot of that was because of the woman I was going on the journey with. It was a chance to meet and learn from so many woman that all had something interesting to say and I was often touched and awed by their journals.

Thanks, Jackie for starting this group and I look forward to staying connected to each of you,



Yes. Thank you for this powerful tool. It is an enabler, making me want to keep the connections I made through this space, no matter the outcome. An enabler in that it has woken me from the slumber, and awakened me to the fact that the words I write in whatever forum, will always shout louder than those I may shout while on the highest podium. In fact, it has been a realisation that there is a higher podium than the wildest of my imagination. The prospect of the iintertwining of the collective, yet diverse voices, excites me and I really look forward to growing into old age while continuing to engage within this space.

Love you all Martha

The struggle chose me and made me who I am.

Thank you Jackie for starting this group. I know that it will be a powerful and empowering gathering of sisterhood and friendship. You have all shone so brightly on PulseWire and I know that your warmth will continue to spread through our community. I am so proud to know you through your posts and feel so honoured to have shared in your stories and experiences. You are an amazing group of women who are touching lives in such a positive way. Thank you for your light.

It's my pleasure. Thank you for giving me the idea. I knew we needed a space, but I didn't figure out the way to make it happen until you talked to me about the group.

We love you. Thanks for joining. You have been a great leader to all of us and you will keep being our friend for a long time through this page.

With love,


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America

This is a swell idea Jackie and I joined in almost at once though I must say that I am not sure how regular I will be in sharing and commenting on the mourning wall as you call it. Why not call is the wall of nostalgia instead of a mourning wall? We are remembering, recalling, reinventing ourselves and mourning has to do with the final termination of someone's life. Nothing is dead. In fact, all of us have gained a new lease of life in terms of sharing our memories of having once been a part of VOICES FOR THE FUTURE.


Hi Fan Club Members,

Bravo!!!. Yes we can do!!. We have enjoyed every moment with our Bosses (Pioneers VOF World Pulse Team). So lets enjoy our day to day welfare Jokes etc. Lets keep each other Company online, we are sisters in this World. so lets be happy and love one another as we exchange ideas on how to air our voices on behalf of our fellow sisters who are not conversant with computers browsing.


GOD Bless you all.

See you online.

One of you,


TERESA KAGECHA i would like to use the new password and email to participate in the WORLDPULSE VIEWS - COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION MOBILISING