Well, this comes as a surprise since I thought we had agreed to pull out of Iraq soon but came across this article where the US Army is making plans to stay there another 10 years or so. It says the US Army spoke at an invitation only news conference that it is due to their commitment to stopping the extremism and terrorism that they make this commitment.

It is kind of funny since I thought America was a democracy, you know, where the people chose what our country will fight for.

I guess I must have been thinking of some other country, perhaps? I mean, we have a constitution for a reason. I am very sick and tired of these evil and greedy warmongers trying to spread hate and fear everywhere. It is an excuse to steal money from America for themselves, the arms dealers and contractors I mean, you know, like the ex-Vice president who used to be a part of that Halliburton firm that corrupts other countries officials for their own personal greed.

If you are an American and want our constitution to mean something, if you want our country to be a true democracy, if you want our military to serve honorable and if you want our prosperity to not come at the cost to others in the world then please be vocal about this.

It is easy to change the world if you dare to get involved. Call your Congressman, call your local newspapers, talk to your friends, co-workers and neighbors and get them involved too. Failure to act will give them the courage to do even worse crimes then they currently are doing. Instead of just torturing foreigners they will soon feel powerful enough to begin torturing those of us who speak out against this unjust power grab.

You think it can not happen to us, but what makes us so different from any other powerful group that has come and gone in history? Do we call our leader Caesar? No, do we call our leader Your Highness? No, do we call him Mr. President for life? No, we are a country of rights and laws but they will become meaningless if we let this kind of thing continue and do nothing.

So please take 10 minutes out of your busy life to help keep America a country of the free and the proud.

Maria http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090527/ap_on_go_ca_st_pe/us_us_iraq;_ylt=A2...


I believe too that America should keep it's promises that it has made, and that it should serve all the people of America. An occupation is not necessary I believe, and that war money can be spent somewhere it is actually needed, like maybe during this time of economic recession it can be spent on schooling, recovery. Thanks for posting and being bold. To a true Democracy.

I love seeing you learn and care and think about issues that will be shaping the world you grow up in as a young woman. It is important to remember to stay current on events so you can see the trends happening. Like in Alaskan politics how they make a big huge publicity thing and then do nothing.

Like with the Exxon Valdez oil spill and how they had huge press coverage and made it seem like all we cared about was making money and calling us 'oil millionaires' and forgetting that these spots were used from many generations past and valued and made to prosper. How they never planned to deal fairly with us and waited until they got enough power (by urging hate against the Middle East and creating almost unlimited power for themselves) and cut the amount down by a lot.

Always doing it over and over again and the whites up here letting it happen because they do not care for us our our land and just want to grow rich and when they spoil this land they will look for a new one to ruin. We will change that and bring sanity back to Alaska!

Become involved and stay involved!


Your voice is strong and clear! I think that your determination is one of the many facets of a working democracy. Though ours is far from perfect, the fact that you can speak with a powerful voice reflects its dynamic nature.

Great post.



What makes me worry though is that people will believe that since we can talk freely that we do not need to get involved beyond this. It is illusion though and I want people to understand that. They need to be reminded strongly and often that the government is there to serve us and not the other way around. That they need to consult us and not simply inform us of what they are doing, and that is if we are lucky.

In Alaska, they began creating and improving the road into ANWR, a supposedly protected park, because the loggers drool over all that timber and do not care about the land or it's people. It is upsetting that our government in Alaska that is supposed to be defending us from the vultures who would destroy our lands for their own profit are instead bending over and pulling their pants down for these groups for money.

While it is true that things are slowly getting better, you can see that the 'They" believe that it is only a matter of time before Americans stick their heads back into the sand and concentrate on themselves again. We need to keep encouraging them to stay alert and learn to enjoy reality in it's true form and not as some show on tv.

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Way to go Maria. You are growing in your writing everyday. I am so excited to read this. It shows you have a beautiful and honest heart that will lead you to success in all you do.

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I was hoping to get a good sample of articles written to show my mentor about my passions and what I care about. Will June never come? Have you heard yet when it will be announced? last I checked we are still waiting for one more person, so exciting!

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One of my favorite courses in my senior year was called US military role in the world, we talked about the Iraq war , but we also talked about bases in the Phillipines, the Gulf etc.. It was very interesting to know what most American people don't know! I really enjoyed reading Chalmer Johnsons's the sun never sets, it's recommended!