I was reading the news about the Stimulus Watch as they are calling it. It kind of gets me upset how the republicans fought against any true solutions and now set themselves up as a watch group as if they cared about Americans. It is time for a truer understanding of how many in this country are treated, the invisible group of minorities that no one sees or cares much about, the Indigenous Americans.

If we could somehow get these people concerned in this article here called STIMULUS WATCH: $25 check may cost you food stamps and somehow get them to see that stories like one called Promises Promises are caught in a much worse situation then we can begin to change things in a real way.

In this article it mentions how the Indian Health Service Clinic diagnosed a little 5 year old girl with depression when she quit eating, walking, and complaining of pains in her stomach you can begin to see where the anger and the feeling of being Invisible comes from.

Compassion begins when you can see another person or race as real people too with real feelings and real lives. So many in America need to develop this truer understanding and realize the anger stems from there being no reason it started in the first place except as a group you made a choice, a bad choice whose consequences are very real to those forced to live with this lack of true vision where the horror they are experiencing for the first time is daily life for others.

You can help make them visible again by contacting your Congressmen, your local papers, your friends and family, your coworkers, etc. and exclaim loudly that you support Indigenous rights and demand they do too. It is the start needed to change things for the better.

Thanks for reading about something that I feel needs to be spoken of every day until real change occurs...



If more people opened their hearts to the reality the article you mention shows, this would not be such a cruel reality. I wish everyone who reads this can take the actions you mention.

If there is any way people from outside the US can help, let me know.

Thanks for sharing.


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Did you like my "Invisible" picture? The girls thought it would wow everyone.

For other countries, I think the best approach is to have your leaders learn about the issues facing Indigenous Americans and point out that if they do not deal with us honestly how can they be expected to trust them and that they would like to see more real change for them as a good faith gesture. Something like that I guess.

I loved your interview with Dando but am not sure if we are supposed to respond on the posts or not so haven't been.



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I wasn't aware of the 25.oo extra dollars pushing people over their limit, thus eliminating their food stamps. It's inevitable that huge packages such as the stimulus package will have some unforseen consequences- now the question is what is going to be done about it. Thanks for making me aware- one of the many, many aspects of WP that I love.

Hope this finds you well!