december 28th 2010 Quito, 2010 was not a very happy year, but even though, I have been grown a lot, I think. I do not have much time to writing, but now that I am on vacation I can, it was a surprice that I could not log in becouse my account had expired. That just tells me how far I have been of taking a little time just for me. On Christmas eve, at my parent house all my family gathered, and it was a very nice night, every body helped in making dinner and every body was happy. I really wish all the people that are part of world pulse to have a happy time during this days and keep working to find those signs of happiness in every little thing life presents them. For my part, my propose for this new time is to give possitive things to the people is around me and start building the bases for making my dreams come true.

Happy new year and peace for all María eugenia


Like so many of us not time for yourself.. but you had time for us tonight! Thanks so much Maria. I love your letter to us.. and your greetings of peace. I am inspired by the beauty of finding that love all around the house. . just helping. I think you are a treasure that we all need very much!

thank you for making me happier. Happy New Year

Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again. ~C.S. Lewis

Yes, you are right, a single word or a sight can make the difference. Happy New year to you. And it is good to know that there are people that without knowing each other can send good energy to others, thank you for your words.

María Eugenia

La vida me lleva por ríos, caminos y montañas, y también me lleva hacia el mar y el amor