As I brought up in such a community where there is natural beauty everywhere around us and the celebrations of the diversity in our area which was exemplary but currently various government political parties of Pakistan came down to Gilgit for their political interests when it was declared as fifth province “Gilgit-Baltistan”. As it is a new province where people have been involved in developmental practices like education, Health, agriculture etc. with celebrating their diversities but now these political parties are exploiting the people, their peace and diversities. This is happening because of the lack of proper leadership, unclear status of “Gilgit-Baltistan”, lack of political awareness among people, bad image of the politics due to which youth is reluctant to involve and come forward to lead. This created an environment where some of the people are after powers and for that gain people are divided into various political parties, detachments, sectarian divisions etc. So my vision towards global community is to make youth to change their attitudes towards life, do not blame anyone or anything, explore by themselves, celebrate the diversities and work towards creating pluralism to bring harmony and peace where everyone can feel as one unit. I want to be a Voice of your Correspondent to get professional knowledge and practice from my mentor and the training, so that I can correspond in a better way towards my vision. This platform will also be a mentor for me to learn from the other women leaders and solutions towards local and global issues. It will particularly help me out with communication in my area to aware common masses and specially women to contribute towards their participation in political awareness. This will give them a confidence to open to life experiences, quality of life, traditions, political perspectives etc. I can motivate women to realize their responsibilities, knowledge, capabilities, strengths and to come forward for their meaningful participation in the local and global community in whichever field of life they are interested in to contribute. And this platform is already an example of wonderful women leaders from across the globe working on women’s meaningful participation. These diversities are contributing towards the better present and future of women that how they can do it by working for themselves. This will create strong friendship across the borders without any religious, political, geographical, language, cultural boundaries where women are fighting the social war to raise their voices in a male dominant world. This is the era where we can see the future of women as world leaders, which is not far away.

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My sister across the border Wishing you here lots of and lots of luck. May you become a VOF. My support will, however, continue to flow for you beyond and after VOF.

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe

Dear Stella I think i got much more then i expected here and now i am not going to stop it even if i am not selected :-)

Diversity is our Strength towards Peace & Harmony :-)

Hello Maria,

It is so nice to be connected via to give women a voice in the areas of the world where media may not portray the true feelings of locals within the community.

I am very interested in the ongoing healing of women in Pakistan, and it seems that you are a positive force in that area.

Please keep us informed via your own life, and the life of other women in your country.

I appreciate your efforts.

All the best, joya

Dear Joya Thank you for showing your interest in knowing about women in pakistan and their challenges :-) I will keep updating you.

Diversity is our Strength towards Peace & Harmony :-)

Hey, I missed seeing you for a while.Welcome dear sister and your energy and this positive thinking will get you through to advocate for the women. I have great memories of Pakistan because am an Alumni of Aga Khan University-Kenya,and we get alot of support and sharing ideas on the newsletter called AKU-NAMA.If you check the one for 2008.I was featured there. Thank you

Lucia Buyanza -Clinical Instructor

thatz great to hear that u have graduated from AKU and definately you would be aware of Ismaili community so i am Ismaili And I am proud of my community the way things work and His Highness Prince Karim Agha Khan is my Mentor and inspiration for all this work i do for humanity. Hope to see you sometime here in Pakistan again :-)

Diversity is our Strength towards Peace & Harmony :-)

Hey, Am happy to hear from you.Yes we share the same dream.I have a number of Ismaili friends that I know here in Kenya and Pakistan.We share the same dream of community work.I have benefited alot from the Philosophy of His Highness,I always aspire to follow his path,consistence and a purpose in life for others.I have gone out of my way to see the world in his eyes,and I believe he has the highest charisma.

Lucia Buyanza -Clinical Instructor

Dear Maria,

Thank you for sharing your essay. I am glad that you found PulseWire and that you are participating in Voices of Our Future. I am inspired by your ideas for women coming together across borders, forming friendships, learning from one another and becoming leaders in their communities and the world.

All the best, Sally

*** I love your picture!

Sally Peters ~~~~~ Where I was born and where and how I have lived is unimportant. It is what I have done with where I have been that should be of interest. ~ Georgia O’Keeffe ~~~~~

Warm greetings dear Maria,

Thank you for sharing your vision for the youth of Pakistan! Your commitment to pluralism and peace is inspiring.

Peace, Ayesha

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."

  • Mevlana Jalal-ad-Din Rumi

Thank you for appreciation and we need guys like you to be mentors for the young generation here in pakistan through online platform where you can guide them through opportunities available around you and what steps should be taken by the youth here. and also share the feelingz and experiences bad or good with them about west so that they can better understand it through your hands-on experience rather then misled by the media most of the times. hope we will work togathher on this online platform if you and some of your friends are willing to explore and give some time to the youth of Pakistan.

Diversity is our Strength towards Peace & Harmony :-)