I know not all of these businesses directly benefit women affected by trafficking and slavery. However, I myself believe that empowered, strong, self-sufficient women are much less likely to find themselves victims in general, so I thought I'd mention that World Pulse also offers a nice array of options for supporting businesses that empower women. Do have a look: http://www.worldpulsemagazine.com/marketplace

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Yes. She is begging me to stop buying all of the fair trade handbags! She said she has too many now. They make such a statement though...

Actually, the Price of Sugar coordinators are looking to have people set up as many screenings as possible. If you know of a local venue, please consider supporting them by hosting your own screening. I am sure they would appreciate it. http://www.thepriceofsugar.com/screenings.shtml

Have a good one!

I placed my scarf request. I made a list to include about four or five as suggested. The storm may cause delivery problems though! No big, my mom doesn't celebrate Christmas anyways...

But...Late Again :0) I just ordered one of each kind of chocolates from One World Projects (World Pulse Market) and the candle set(?) as Christmas gifts. LATE! They don't mind...

My mom received the trumpeting angel scarf. She absolutely loves it! She felt the need to tell me all about the colors in the scarf, the company background and the artisan. It was really sweet. I think (telling by her voice over the phone) this was the best gift that I have chosen yet...Thank you :0)

This is terrific... Thank you so much for keeping us all posted on your progress. It's so fun to hear about the effects of your thoughtfully chosen gifts and genuinely inspiring to meet leaders like yourself who offer small, creative ideas for bringing healthy consumer habits into our everyday lives.

Keep posting those links!!

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