HOLDING HANDS - can be a symbol of power and a source of energy whatever meaning we put in this phraze. WHEN two people for example a couple hold their hands and think and act in one direction their power and energy is doubled and that is why people say that happily married couples are rich in most of the cases. HAVING THIS in mind we can use it in our private life for achieving better conditions and abundance, we can project it in our social life as well - if we as online community of women devoted to the struggle for our rights globally and on national and local level keep this absolute rule we can achieve whatever we decide that is valuable for us. IF we make a plan for celebration of an event and in one moment all of us here join together our thoughts,concentrate our demands i am sure we will make a big difference,a big change on the global scene and thus in our own lives and the lives of our friends and other people close to us and our vibrations - do you think that we can make this difference - we only need a liitle more belief in that huge power and a little more concnetration on our aims - I AM SURE we can win only by holding our hands and our minds together. BE inspiried for the future and filled with great love and everything will come to its place.

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i loved your statement of holding hands double the energy new. You have really come out with amazing thoughts. Leta us all hold hands and make the world a better place. keep the spirit up.

Love and peace pooza

Thanks for influencing the thought that if we place are hands together, we place our minds together. It is encouraging to realize that once we put out minds and thoughts together we put emphasis on our, as an international community, future as one and not individuals.