Well i have been a public prosecutor and a judge in the past,but i left these jobs 10 years ago and until then i prefer to use other forms of power and influencing the everyday life of my community and the politicla life as well. Using the net these forms can be subordinated to higher goals as to influence the global life and policy. I have been a member of IFUW - International Federationj of university women and i have actively participated in campaigns for defending of womens rights.

Women's mobilisation and agency have developed over a period of time and have employed a number of strategies including mobilisation and confidence building. Many women believe that more unites women than divides them. They believe that women share the experience of being vulnerable to powerful interests, and that they generally play the role of caring for vulnerable members of society. For many, this is reason enough for women to engage in peace-building and mutual work. Building up solidarity, mutual trust and confidence between women across the world has been one of their main strategies and has usually been acomplished by organising joint activities as lobbying for the participation of joint women's delegations at official peace negotiations for example.Through World pulse we can make our power incredible and solve our problems on a global scale.

Women believe that without wider social equality the goal of gender equality could not be reached, and that without gender equality the larger goal of social equality is not possible and i think that World Pulse is a great tool for collaboration of women in the struggle for social justice.

Using the forms of solutuions, exchange resource we can connect each other and enlarge our business - so that is another form of improving of the situation of our famiilies.

Peace considerations from a gender perspective meant not only the absence of war, violence and hostilities at the national and international levels but also the enjoyment of economic and social justice, equality, and the entire range of human rights and fundamental freedoms within society, on which the women's struggle is based.As an ardent defender of rights i am happy to find World Pulse and its activity,because i can use it as a place to post my platforms,my desires and combined with the voices of women from all over the world i firmly believe that no one can stand against us without respect towards our goals.

Gender violence is rooted in power inequity, domination and control. Gender violence serves as a means of control. Its expression in the private sphere of family or personal life legitimizes its expression in public life and i wish to use World Pulse to fight against different forms of violence - from our private to our public life and in all other speheres.


I think you have a bigger story to tell and want to hear more...I looked at your online CV as well as reading this post. I want to know -- who, what, why are you inspired to have the strong passions that you have? What obstacles did you have to overcome to become the person you are?

How do you feel that your country's culture has shaped you, helped you, or challenged you?

Thank you!

Ila Asplund

Half Sky Journeys

Investing in women through meaningful travel

helpfull question and very serios at the same time. MY LIFE was not easy,because i have solid occupation,but my appearance and outlook is quite feminine i think and it was not that easy to act from the position of the authority and official power,it was a sort of conflict doing a serious job and looking well.And really my country,s culture some years ago was not on the level of my thinking and it still not in some spheres.But that attitide and the obstacles in my life were an impetus to look and find other forms of expression and of inluencing of the public life - that of the citizen with his own position and his values that can ask the officials to be heard. It was not an easy process,because in BG the struggle of the civil society started later and now i think it is developed,but i am in it from ten years - that is my struggle and i really put all my passion it,it is my life.

Marietta, I can feel your passion as I read your assignment. I also could imagine your struggles. I liked how you tied Pulsewire into your assignment, your examples of how Pulsewire can help were stated very clearly. Be careful in your writings not to go above the readers head. I can tell you are well educated, but remember many of your readers may be more simple.

I enjoyed your article very much. Thanks, Alison

Hi Marietta,

I like reading your post and am impressed by your drive to continue working for gender equality. I see from your profile that you are from Bulgaria. I would love to learn more about the way women are fighting for the rights and equality there both in the private and public spheres. The fact that you were a prosecutor and a judge leads me to believe that Bulgaria is a very progressive and modern country where women can hold positions of influence and power that can be used to change the law of the country. I would be curious to know the make up of women in parliament as an indicator of gender equality in your country.

As an evaluator of this assignment, I would suggest the use of storytelling or recounting a personal experience in addition to statements of belief. For example, as a prosecutor and a judge in the legal system in Bulgaria did you have the chance to introduce legislation that defends women's equality or rights. Or perhaps an occasion when you defended a woman. I am left wondering too why you chose to leave your positions as a lawyer to become an activist--- wouldn't you be more in a position to defend social equality as a judge vs. as an activist? Clearly there's need for both in the movement, but I was just wondering.

And just as an aside, I noticed, that you didn't use the word feminism or identify as a feminist. I'm wondering if the word or term has a negative connotation in Bulgaria as it does in some circles (sadly) in the US.

Looking forward to hearing more from you. I also respectfully disagree with the above comment; I believe you should express yourself freely and at the level that reflects your education and experience. I think PulseWire and World Pulse is big enough to find women who can keep up with you easily and even challenge you too ;-)

best, cynthia

Cynthia Casas

As a judge and prosecutor i had the possibility to defend women in some cases,but at the end - 10 years ago i had to leave the post,because i took a decision in favour of social equality and it had a bad effect at that time.So i started to fight for this eqaulity by all means and i am still fighting. IN BG Parliament there are a lot of women and now the expectations for women participation is big,but most of them are placed there for protecting ceratain interests,not always womens... I WAS WONDERING IF I can create one interantional NGO OR TO PARTICIPATE IN IT,because that is a path at the moment - anyway my particpation in WORLDpulse in any form will be of effect, i hope - for you and for me, and for the people on the global scene.