I want my life to be “spicy” and full of positive actions. I want each day to be different than the other. I want to offer my opinions, ideas, and thoughts to my community and make the world a better place. Now someone would ask “what is the purpose of all these?” I want to tell the story of women who cannot tell their stories themselves. I want to talk about the challenges of the immigrant women, the challenges of the mothers and the new family structure, the violations of women rights under the umbrella of the culture and religion, the picture of women body as sexual object, the well covered trafficking network in the developed countries, the pay inequality in the work place and much more. This will contribute to freer community from taboos and discrimination, and will make half of the world’s population – the women - happier if not all. I know this sounds very big and impossible but I believe that if we put all our voices and strengths together our movement will become big and will bring the change all around the world. This change will not happen overnight rather we will now plant the seeds that will give fruits to the next generations. Planting the seeds is an action of love toward life.

Joining Voices of World Pulse Correspondent will make my voices stronger and will encourage me to keep going. It will provide me with the knowledge of how to write effectively, it will offer me a worldwide network that will reflect on my views. This will definitely empower and inspire me to become openly active in my community giving them my views and the views of people around the world that I read on World Pulse. I hope that I will inspire as well other women to become socially active and involved in politics in the hope that the lives of women will become better ... eventually.

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Thanks Paul. Even I do not think that I will be in the 30 women, still the experience of posting here was well worth the effort. It opened new windows to the world for me. Regards, Marina

All the best Marina in "telling the stories of women who can not tell their stories themselves." It is one of the wonderful things about this platform, being a voice for the voiceless. Best,


Am I going to make it? I do not think so. Other women have to say much more than I do. But anyway I had some great time reflecting my thoughts by writing these essays. But thanks anyway!

Thanks, Andrea. I do not believe that I will be one of the 30 women but ... oh well ... I had the opportunity to write while I had a big probability that someone will read my writings! :) That is very positive and empowering!

Dear Marina,

This is a beautiful journal entry. Your passion and drive leap off the screen. I read your earlier journal entries and I understand you're a Greek immigrant in Canada and a mother of a two-year-old who is formerly an activist and you are struggling to get used to life in a new country without much if any support, while still desiring to put your energy towards women's empowerment. That is so impressive. Bravo to you. I'm glad you're here on World Pulse. This is a great platform for your voice. Please keep with it and know that we are listening.

All the best,


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Thank you that you are taking the time to read my journal and respond. So there are people out there who are interested to connect with me. I had a very "dark" weekend. I felt exhausted and discouraged. Thank you for sending this message and gave me some support.

I hope you are chosen to be among the 30, too. I know competition is intense. If the mentor program doesn't pan out on this round, don't give up hope, because you could still end up being published in World Pulse or meeting people on PulseWire who change your life in other ways. You never know. This site is magical and you have a lot of heart and passion; you are going to bring change. Something you write may spark something in someone else half the world away and she may change her country, too.

I also want to say, I believe your life is going to get better and easier and less stressful as your child grows up and goes to school, giving you much more free time, and you are going to meet more friends the longer you are in Canada and get to know people. Keep your chin up through the hard time now and remember, you have something special to offer.

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Hi Marina!

It's such an interesting way to know that there are people having the heartfelt and helpful out there, just like you. Yeah, you were right! As you said, to overcome women's problem over the world seems so BIG, but nothing is Impossible! We can do it together, we can do more even it starts from the small thing. You did your best my sister and keep up the great work in your community. Being the chosen 1 of 30 women is blessed! All you can do now is still giving the good contribution and helping others to make any changes.

Best of luck,

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