Training in Mankwi
Training in Mankwi

My dear followers thank you for the support. Our October outreach program to rural communities to work with rural girls registered a huge success.

Aim: Reach out to adolescent girls in 8 rural communities to educate and empower them with knowledge of their sexuality (rights and responsibility) as well as teach them an economic empowerment skill antiseptic soap bar production

Areas visited: Bafut Subdivision: Mankwi and Njemiya. Bali Subdivision: Kuntadtsi, Bossa and Mantum. Widikum Subdivision: Ekoh and Emou

Successes: 247 Women and girls had a 6 hours discussion on women and girls' sexual and reproductive rights. They equally learned antiseptic soap production. Other community members especially local authorities were sensitised on these rights.

Challenges: All the communities visited asked for follow up sessions on these issues. Many young people were interested in the soap production but lacked start up capital. We realised most communities lacked facilities that enhance women's and girl's sexual and reproductive rights. Many of the young girls are into early marriages or motherhood.

How many people I've impacted since my last update:



Hi Sally,

I hope you will be able to find a sponsor to support the challenges you have identified during the campaign.  You are doing well and your team :)

Connect with a heart.  Live a life of empowerment. Influence to accomplished.




Am marveled by the work you do, if one voice can reach 300 girls then surely nothing can ever be impossible. The work your doing is great and keep up the spirit. "Nothing for us without us"  with your voice, you can impact the world even more.


Hi there hon:-) How are you doing? Thanks for your update on your progress. Have you thought about doing a fundraiser either locally or gofundme to get the soap supplies to make the soap? It could be a way to at least get started.

Hello my sister how are you doing . Thanks for a wonderful job. In deed work without follow-up is tricky just as the saying goes failure to plan is planning to fail. I encourage you to press on and have clear strategies that would see the realization of your dream. All the best with lots of Love