Taking my bath in a running stream. Interestingly this is the area reserved for men while women bath after this spot.
Taking my bath in a running stream. Interestingly this is the area reserved for men while women bath after this spot.
Enjoying my bath at the best spot of the stream but I couldn't help but worry how well my vagina is save and free from picking bacteria and others from this multipurpose stream.

During our October outreach in rural communities to uphold women's and girl's sexual rights two things were prominent. Violation of these rights as a result of poor health care facilities and social norms guiding their day to day existence.

The issue of health care facilities is something that needs the coming together of other stakeholders to achieve. we are still working on that.

Basic hygiene is something we can target now. We went back into the community to address some of these issues. In the villages bathing and washing of dresses are done in a stream. The men use the upper part of the stream which flows and comes down for women to do their washing and bathing too. My 2 days experience here left me with skin rash as well as vagina itches which makes me understand the plight of these women and girls.

We are therefore looking for support from other interested persons to enable us change the situation of these women by:

  • Providing a decent bathing facility for them
  • Carry out a screening and treat campaign for Vagina infections
  • Set up a small scale antiseptic soap production center to help fight skin rashes


How many people I've impacted since my last update:



Dear Sister Masalien,

Been following your updates and activities online and while going through all those photographs I really wondered what was all that mixing up of caustic soda and oils or some other liquid form of the chemicals??  Seen you describing that practically yourself to the community members but now I understand that all was the first-hand training about how to make the antiseptic soap and disinfectants.

You showing the way that how to reach and connect with the rural areas that are remote, out of bounds and how to bring about the maximum positive change by taking them into confidence, by making them all participate and being accountable.. it's slow but steady progress.

Sending you love.

Expecting to see you bringing about more change.  


Hi Sally. Thanks for your update. I hope you get funding soon, a bathing facility, necessary medical screening/treatments as well as basic antiseptic cleaning products to help these women and families. Looking forward to a positive update. Keep at it... you will get there:-)