It is a passion I can't resist

We held a three days training with 120 girls under the Caring4girls initiative "My Period My Pride". This initiative, an idea of the organisation Health 4 All international, hosted by WVED Cameroon with facilitation on reusable pads production from HOVO cameroon and sexual and reproductive health rights education from COMAGEND Cameroon, had as objective: To make menstruation, hygiene and management stigma free.

We succeeded to guide the girls;

To understand the importance of menstruation

To produce reusable sanitary pads

To master their menstrual cycle in order to avoid stain

This gave us an insight into the problems of girls. We realised that a social clinic where unbiased information, counseling and mentorship is given will definitely help educate girls faster and minimise stigma stress and fear.

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Hello there:) I miss hearing from you... I'm so glad that you ended the year on such a positive note, and that you are pleased with your work. Happy New Year, by the way!!!

Welldone my dearest sister. 

Soar higher, Amen. 

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