When you are exposed to a childhood which is characterized by violence both physical and psychological, you must learn how to fight for survival. I am an example of children with such experience which somehow is the base for the desire i have to see gender based violence a think of the past. Owing to the fact that the world has gone digitalised and the many the voices heard on an issue, the faster the process of change, I decided to continue my digital empowerment journey with worldpulse. Reason being that it is a bottom top network in which the voices of women from all walks of life is heard for the empowerment of the woman. The stories, worries and proposals shared on this network are quite inspirational, educative and solution to problems. Belonging here makes me realise the commonality of gender issues and the realisation that so many people got my back. Sharing makes any burden lighter. Principally, participating and belonging to this group is to be able to interact, learn and why not contribute to this women who have a common course with me. In this group I hope to create an impeccable network of change makers in the area of gender-based violence. What keeps me thinking is the role women play in this violence. They maltreat each other because of societal and masculine manipulation. The questions I seek to answer are how can we get women and mostly girls to under how important the way they regard another woman or girl is vital in this struggle. Secondly, how do we stop that situation in which women who are victims let the perpetuator (s) go while they victimize each other more. Frankly who has to protect a fellow woman most? How can the practice of true sisterhood be a remedy ? I think that the solution is a change in the woman or girl's mindset on this burning issue as regard to their actions.


Dear Masalien's,

Thank you for sharing.

Sharing does make burden lighter for those with troubled past and violence-stricken experiences. Listening to them make me aware that there are strong women, courageous women, who not only escape the troubles but also strive to help others in need. There is already a network of change makers in this forum. With your help, it would expand and thrive.

The mindset of women, men, and the community as a whole need to change. They already have started in many places but there is still a long way to go. Together, at World Pulse, we can make a big difference, a huge change. I am sure we can because there are strong women liem you to guide and set an example.

Thank you.