We were always ready for a fight and when there's none in the compound we provoked one. My mother told us that to survive you need to fight and make the others(co-wives and their children) look bad in the eyes of our father. This we did struggling to be the favorites of our father so that we can have education sponsored by him. Actually I have carried this mentality to my matrimonial home and was already transmitting to my children especially the girls. Thanks madam for the book (False Label Volume two) you asked my daughter to buy. Reading the book with daughter has changed my mentality and I can't forgive myself for what I did to my stepmothers and their children and horribly to my own children. This confession from a parent of one of the girls in our every girl for any girl club is one among many of such. Truly as revealed in the confession, poor living conditions in a polygamous family contribute 85% to the problems women are facing in our community. As a girl you are trained like a militia by your mother as she will need you most of the time to help her stand against her mates. Trained as a militia, you become a hater, name caller, aggressor and schemer. This personality, when you are enrolled in school is manifested by bullying since it's in your nature. You either cause someone to or you; drop out of school, prostitute, get pregnant and many more. Sadly even in marriage you transmit it to your daughters and this vicious cycle continues. After duely investigating these things and seeing that it has a prominent role in destroying my community women, I have decided to also include women in my activities under the initiative EVERY WOMAN FOR ANY WOMAN.


Dear MASALIEN, Thank you for your journal. You are great!! You stand up by yourself!! Your attitude to confront something will inspire many people who are facing same situation. Good luck!

Thank you.

Dear Masalien,

Am happy to read your post, you may not understand the confession unless you have experienced it. Polygamy is not the best .A child born in such a family is exposed to many dangers. Thank God for your organization that is teaching your community women on the reason why they should embrace change.


Jane Kalu