SMS support system "Big Sis Small Sis corner" as a tool in the fight against unwanted pregnancy and abortion.


This tool that has been running for 7 weeks was viewed as a little way to help adolescent girls within the "Every girl for any girl" initiative to overcome social pressures. Though initially meant only for club members, we have received SMS from non members as well.

So far we have received 313 messages from more than 180 young people (both boys and girls). They expressed the following challenges in their messages:

-High desire for sexual intercourse

-Veneral infections/diseases

-Irregular menstruation

- Peer pressure


-Unwanted pregnancy

-Retarded maturity and many more

Considering the high interest of young people within the community and the concerns raised, we look forward to expand this corner to a wider audience. We hope to get other stakeholders like the health units, parents and communication networks involved in this initiative. This we will work with for the main time while advocating and anticipating for the government to come up with social clinics to help these young people overcome these numerous challenges.



This is great and how does this initiative work?

Emily Miki

Founder/CEO, Denis Miki Foundation

Mandela Washington Fellow 2017

World Pulse VOF Leader

Runner Up Queen Young Leader 2017

Associate Fellow of The Royal Commonwealth Society