Dear World Pulse

I am privileged to know YOU because relationships like what I share with you is hard to find these days.


How can I qualify who you are to me? Let me attempt this difficult task in the following lines. 


I was an abused married woman and a burden carrier of a teenage secret which took away my voice and left me a sad woman feeling rejected, useless and powerless. I lived in perpetual fear and suspicion since I didn't believe I could be somebody and most importantly one whom many look up to. I can go on and on but my darling don't be bored because my story has changed, thanks to our relationship which has lasted for only 20 months.


Are you surprised my dear? Don't be for I understand that the number of us you touch and change are so many that you can't really understand the impact of your concern for women to gain their voices. A few days after we met and became friends, You gave me an opportunity with no conditions to fulfil. I am talking about your Digital changemaking 101 training for 3 weeks. 


This training tickled me and before I knew it I had become friends with many sisters across the global. Reading their stories not only inspired me but also made me understand the strength of sisterhood. I consider this the starting point of being a frontline changemaker because I shared my secret of more than16 years and surprisingly it has been a gold mine from whence I tap strength to do all I am doing for my community.


I feel favored each time I think of you judging from the immeasurable support you gave when I shared my secret and still giving. You gave me an honorarium for the story as well as a featured storyteller badge which boosted my morals and particularly gave birth to my vision of creating a social clinic for sharing and education. You were so proud of me that you introduced me to your friend


Being the mother that you are, you nurtured me from my little beginning up to where I am. You gave me the opportunity to volunteer in different capacities which helped shaped and informed my decisions on being a changemaker. You took me to another level of thinking and acting when you offered me a four months training which opened my eyes to all the assets I have to help me create a social clinic for my community.


Honouring me with your prestigious position of world pulse impact leader is a gift from a true friend. The visibility gotten from this has broadened my scope as well as impacted my networks. I have been in contact with the people of the world thanks to you with some looking up to me as a mentor.


My bossom friend you are the great giant on whose shoulder I have leaned to get to where I am today. I envision a society wherein giants like you reach out to all the silenced voices, support rising voices as well as partner with grassroots women to bring meaningful change.

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Hi there Miss Sally:-) How are you doing? Thanks for sharing your great story of gratitude for World Pulse and all the gifts you have received from being part of this amazing community. You deserve all of them and more... keeping growing and shining your light!!!!

Dear Sally,

You have put into words so powerfully and beautifully what World Pulse has done for you, and for us all. Congratulations on finding a way to describe what many of us struggle to explain. This magical relationship now available to us all, and opening the path to all of the relationships with each other.

With love in sisterhood,


Dear Sally, 

This statement strucks me :) and I quote...”support rising voices as well as partner with grassroots women to bring meaningful change” 

Thank you for reaching and inspiring these women who needs support and how World Pulse has been a tool to reach more women.

Connect with a heart.  Live a life of empowerment. Influence to accomplished.



Dear sister Sally.. love you even more for this beautiful and truly honest open message of yours. May you become the powerful voice of many more silent faces from those far corners of the world. All the best to you. 

Beautiful. Just like you my sister, I am very grateful to Worldpulse. Very grateful.

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