what is a rape : a rape is define like as sexual intercourse that is perpetrared the will of a victim involving the threat or use of force: or threat of force if the perpetrator has sex with someone incapable of giving consent: :Acquaintance Rape is a a rape committed b y a know assailant and it is the most common form of rape involving student of Secondary and Tertiary Institutions: Stranger Rape is a rape committed by an unknow assailant ; it is the most common form of rape Committed and staged by cultist ;often ;it can descend into a gang rape talking turn on the victim; whatever type rape is only one form of sexualassault;as there are other sexual assault; which includes: sodomy;force anal intercourse:oral copulation force oral genital contact forced penetration by a foreign object; including a finger : dear friends you can never protect your selffrom sexual assault but then there are some steps precautions you cantake to help reduce your risk of getting raped or sexually assault protecting Against Acquaintance Rape: SafetyTips for Male Students: listen carefuly; Take time to hear what a female studant saying; If you feel she is not being direct or is giving you a mixed message flirting or sex talk ask for clarification; Don;t fallr the common stereotyp idea without originality that when a female student says NO she rearlly means YES;No means NO.If she bsay no to sexual contact; believe her and stop; Remember that that rape is a crime ;It is never acceptable to use force in sexual situation ;no matter what the circumstances; Be aware that having forceful sex or sex with someone who is mentally or physically incapable of giving consent is rape If you have sex with a female student who is drugged;intoxicated ;passed out ;incapable of saying no or unazare of what is happenig around her be special careful in group situation be prepared to resist pressure from friends in participate in gang rape safely tips for bFemale students: know your intentional and you have the right to say no ;to any unwanted sexual contact: if you are uncertain about what you want to ask the man to respect your feelings; Communicate your limits firly and directly; if u say no say it like you mean it don;t mixed messages flirting: sex talk when you don;t mean it; remember tha a man student want driking you heavily dressing provocatively;ot going to man room;s indicates a willingness to have sex ; listen to your head if you feel unconfortable or you think you may at risk leave the situation immediately and go to safe place;


Antoinette- You have written wise words that I hope will be helpful to many, men and women included. While I am sorry beyond words that rape seems inevitable to so many, it is my hope that we can change this. Together we can empower women to come together and change attitudes, behaviors, and laws. You are one of many who is standing strong. Have you seen our topic page on Gender Based Violence? http://worldpulse.com/hub/topic/gender-based-violence

Here you can read other women's stories, join campaigns, and post and read various resources. I have an idea here- you could, in fact, re-post this post as a resource under the sub-topic of 'information sharing' http://worldpulse.com/pulsewire/exchange/submit

Thank you for making a difference and for lending your voice!

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