The wardens stand watch Eager to catch Anyone who may try The norm to defy Carefully scanning the horizon Of the social prison Ready to end Any dissent Ensuring that no one dares bring change Or their lifestyle, rearrange For everyone must conform To the norm

Standing firm Expressions stern Holding the whip At the hip Ready to quell Any rebel Their job to find And to remind Society’s rules To dissenting fools Whose love for difference Is an offence

Show some spine You’ll be whipped in line Do things your way And hear what they say No room for difference Just obedience Keep the system intact Is what they want You have no rights So don’t even fight Just conform Live by the norm

Dare to challenge Try to bring change But don’t be surprised If you’re reprised For though change must come It is not welcome So rather than accept Your fate For its not oppression Just tradition And you have no choice So don’t raise your voice

But what about me Can’t you see? I long to do Something new And be myself And not a serf That is bound By rules they found Which are now senseless And quite purposeless Why should I conform And live by the norm?

Tradition is blind Society unkind To individuality And originality Those with desire To rise higher And not conform Or live by the norm Must pay the prize Of great reprise But will for their pain Receive much gain!

Matilda Moyo 07 February 2009


Hi Matilda,

I so enjoy this poem. It's an aspiring and beautiful call to women. This line, "Why should I conform And live by the norm?" is so powerful. I would love to read more of your poetry!

Warm regards, Jade

Thanks Jade and hi,

I haven't written many poems but will definately share the few with you. Do you also write? It would interesting to read some of your work.

Cheers and have a good week!