The future beckons Calling at me Bidding me come Into what lies ahead

Show me what’s in store I plead with her For a little peek into more Of what lies ahead

Blocking my view She says “No!” Life gives no preview Of what lies ahead

Life only gives choices Experience and wisdom Together with resources To face what lies ahead

So, certain of yesterday Unsure of tomorrow I stand in today Wondering what lies ahead

Fear tries to tug me backwards Caution says tread carefully But curiosity pushes me forward Towards what lies ahead

Aware of what I’ve accomplished Desiring a better future Knowing what can be achieved I walk towards what lies ahead

Staying where I am is not an option Neither is going back So I proceed with caution To face what lies ahead

I try to be confident In the choices I make Hoping I’ll have no regret When I see what lies ahead

Try as we might Who can tell what the future holds No one has insight Into what lies ahead

Some things I’ll never know in advance And even those who love me Must leave it to chance For me to learn, whatever lies ahead

So armed with hope And my faith in God I step and grope Into what lies ahead

Trusting that God is in control And my life He holds I cling to His invisible hand And step into the future untold

By Matilda Moyo 17 February 2009