Mursik-Naturally fermented milk
Mursik-Naturally fermented milk: This is a healthy drink rich in calcium.It is combined with fine charcoal from a medicinal tree called senetwet which is used to heal chest pains and promote good breathing. The value placed on Mursik is very high as it is also used in ceremonies to welcome Kenyan athletes after their competition abroad.It symbolizes love.
  • Traditional ugali
  • Spiced fried fish

My name is Maureen Bii,I come from kenya a very beautiful country with very happy people.

Kenya is a very unique country in the continent hosting more than 42 tribes but one unifying thing is our unique and different cultures.We also have beautiful animals who attract tourists from all over the world.Just to add icing on the the cake,Kenya has the best cooks with the best recipe ranging from traditional to modern.

Today am honoured to present our kalenjin delicacy which is made up of brown

1.ugali made from millet,maize,sorghum and cassava

2.Herbs(isoik-native name) to act as vegetable with fresh milk cream.

3.Mursik-traditional kalenjin sour milk(sour milk with crushed charcoal from a medicinal tree called senetwet)



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