At the time the woman did not speak in society and even to participate in decision making in different fields. Disrepute, contempt without tarnishing his wife has value today and the woman the right to speak of women's rights by eliminating discrimination. This woman during fights despite it is still the minority representative level in different platforms to equal sex but the woman also involved in the decision-making in society, politics, conflict resolution etc ... From the internet the woman made her voice heard to plead the case of his country for the purpose of development and combat poverty. The woman involved in the country's economy.  With social media allows people to create, share and exchange information, career interests, ideas, images and videos. Platforms of social media networks have not only connected so many people, but also allowed many voices to be heard and has helped many women speak out against all forms of violence and abuse. platforms of social networks have logged many girls and women with communities advocates against violence. Many women who were unable to talk in the past about their horrible experiences are gradually opening through social media. Today, a woman in a remote village can denounce and inform a message and it happens to reach millions of people worldwide. Despite the computer tool has not yet arrived at the corner of villages in the DRC but there are NGOs who harvest given on women is published. We still have to fight for equality of gender in certain territories in DRC areas where the premium custom retrograde yet but in time we will. Women are represented in different areas: armed, political etc ... The 56th anniversary of our country DRC, makes us thinking that we were in the past and to day, there is great hope for the woman who is now autonomous.



Thank you, Mauwa Brigitte for this interesting post. We need more women like you to help women in rural DR Congo to voice their opinions. However, the big issue in the rural villages of our country is that they cannot read nor write, thus they are not open to social media. Again, traditions in rural areas are very tough toward women, as women and girls are very much discriminated. We have to stand up as one person and show those women the way to go for their rights and their development. Helping them to involve in human rights and development activities is always challenging since they cannot read nor write. Thank you again for this wonderful write up.

thank you very much for your response, I suggest you just on women, illiterate women; you will have helped them in you associations on ongs that arrive in your communities who care for women on literacies and learning computer skills, they will be able to denounce the perpetrators without this development will in no your community. The activities of rights as you do the same, go to the ngos that inform women, girls know Resolutions 1325 & 1820 Learn claimed. We claim that we know. Have you ever heard of these Resolutions 1325 and 1820?



Dear Brigitte,

Thanks to you and other women leaders in the DRC news of, and details of what women in the DRC are facing, is becoming more widely understood. This news that you have shared of the big difference that online writing is and has been making for women to be able to raise voices, grow stronger through connections made and report what needs to change, all is welcome news to celebrate. That there has been movement from not being heard at all, to addressing poverty, violence and women's voices regarding economics, all point to good change. Most importantly women are becoming strong in themselves, and we are now able to be in to with each other and support each other.

In sisterhood,


Thank you for having come into depth of my ideas, comprndre how women are capable of developing the country's economy is in excess of difficutés in the country. Fighting especially poverty in our communities.


It's wonderful to hear how social media is increasingly helping women share their voices with every day. I'm glad to hear that girls and women are becoming more confident now in being able to speak out against atrocities committed against them. Those women are paving the way and acting as role models for more and more women to speak out, as well, hopefully fostering a cycle of safety within the community. Thank you for sharing.

Girls and women denounce the evil being done to them and demanding their rights through social networks, which makes the development of the community, country. We are fighting to drive poverty in our communities pheasants shops.