Women, girls wake up to face the technologie up to the challenge that was a long time in our community that the technology was only for men, women were unable to access it; it was paramount in the minds of men but things have changed today. Women have understood that we have to come out of ignorance and what makes the difference. Mama Shujaa center of activities provide the magnitude to warrant the woman to be in the world and make recycled women, girls with practical training on technology, other WP training on the writing for some women, girls who were before but many generations pass and the others arrive; it still takes training. Mom Shujaa center's objective is to promote and guide the woman and the girl leaders in the process of self taking social, economic and cultural load. Women, young girls come take training on the culture of the new technology and access to social networks. This training strengthens their capacity and help them transform social ideas, culture and environment to positive actions. The major challenges faced are: lack of communication tools, tools, computers etc ... Women beneficiaries girls difficult to view computer skills after training. To keep also acquired knowledge after the training center Shujaa mom, would like to equip beneficiaries of the various tools. The assistance of all people of good will is strongly expected. Beneficiaries in the image


Mauwa, you've addressed an important educational topic here. Technology literacy is so important for women to expand their opportunities and engage with the world. It is a type of education that is taken for granted in the western world, but the same access and opportunity is not available everywhere. I'd love to hear from the beneficiaries about what they felt was most important in their training and how they want to use their new skills in their life, jobs, etc. Thank you for this interesting post!

Dear Etochen! The beneficiaries would judge also acquired that knowledge can not be lost, they want the tracking require in their daily lives. The technologies they have the tools in their homes or can not.