My journey is bitter following a life that the environment was not easy to access in certain area of ​​opportunity. My Father had a lot of money that my Mother did not enjoy this noble home life because of the jealousy of my Father's family; Because it only brought into the world the boys whose wealth will go to the boys. There was domestic violence against my mother and my brothers were also pennilessly rejected for coaching, life continuing declining, separation from my parents when I was 2 years old. My father was polygamous, the stepmother raised us in the atmosphere of hatred by privileging these children and us; Me and my brothers all were sent to the internant at the request of the stepmother. The intense suffering that had pushed me to continue my studies, at secondary level I had done chemistry biology and higher level I had been doing Computer Science Management but the award-winning injustice still in our outgoing Mother's camp but my Vision was to lead an eagle life. In Definition Aigle: Bird of prey diurnal (family of Aquicludes), very large, with a wide span, with the hooked beak of the end, feathered tarses with powerful greenhouses and endowed with a piercing sight. Eagle brown, imperial, black, red, royal; Large eagle; The eagle trumpet or glatit (Rob.): To have a vision of difference, after I had spent my life in South Kivu where I had become the servant of God of which evangelist brings the souls to God and supervise women, girls at the computer center in the " Church of the Full Salute. Indeed my ambition was to revitalize my charism in technology. One day, I went to contact the leader of the NGO VOVOLIB in Voice Without Voice or Freedom for the training of women, girls vulnerable in computer science; The door was wide open; And I had executed this work for 6 years but death separated us. The other opportunity was that of center mama shujaa, the former program manager of the mama shujaa center mister EZECHIEL had interested me to become women, girls for the new technology but volunteer and I was given 2000 fc (Franc Congolais) For transportation until I was confirmed and chosen as daughter ambassador for peace. As a result of the violence against women and girls, I still had the idea of ​​doing human rights training or being a judicial advocate. With compassion for my community, women, girls are illiterate in digital culture and as I had the vision of the eagle; I have invested my strength, love by sharing my knowledge with women, girls in my community for development. The solution that women, girls acquire the knowledge in digital culture for the development of their homes and be able to take care of themselves. Additionally able to connect on global pulse to know the stories of other dynamic women in the world. In my day, I move to the center mama shujaa to transform the social life of women, girls in my community, country and world through my ideas of the eagle. Sending my community, women and girls come to the center to learn the computer tool, after training, they lack the means to acquire the computer tools for the monitoring of acquired knowledge. Since access to the Internet is costly for the poor but the rich are privileged. "I am like a seed for women, girls in my community, for young girls around the world to let them know that we need to transform this present to be able to secure a new future. The future we want. The future we deserve. What is the problem you are trying to solve? We are facing a threat of global warming that will not disappear if we do not change our habits. We must protect our rural areas and preserve their primitive nature as best we can. We must not limit ourselves, will go down to the rural areas to help women, girls who need to be informed because of our access to information, education no longer makes sense. Many of these women, girls, are illiterate. Education is a crucial point for women, a girl with the saying: "Educating a woman means educating a whole nation": in order to solve these problems, we must also involve them so that they are informed to improve their Future prospects and those of their offspring; Hence ending the discrimination of rural women, girls all of us are one nucleus for pulsating global change.  


Cher Brigitte, Merci de partager votre histoire ici. Malgré de nombreux défis, j'admire votre persévérance et votre vision. C'est inspirant de voir la forte influence de l'aigle avec vous. J'adore cette image. Vous avez choisi un travail aussi significatif, apportant l'éducation et la technologie aux femmes et aux filles dans votre communauté. Je vous souhaite beaucoup de chance et de succès et je me réjouis de lire plus de vous ici. Chaleureusement, Julie



Votre histoire m'impressionne, vous êtes une femme très inspirante. L'éducation des femmes et des jeunes filles est indéniablement importante et je vous encourage dans votre travail. Vous faites changer le regard de votre communauté sur l'éducation des femmes et la technologie et je trouve ça génial. Continuez!

Chaleureusement, Sophie