He opens the door for me. His wife and I walk through.

Shukran. Thank you.

We pass through the lobby to the elevator. We enter together.

Sabakh al kheer, I greet them. Good morning.

"Hello, good morning to you," he says. "Where are you from?"

"I am from Israel," I tell him.

The huge grin on his face, the friendly smile, goes stone cold. His wife's face turns to slate.

"I am here with a group of Israelis and Palestinians together. We are friends."

They exit the elevator in silence.

I wish them a yom saied. To a good day ahead.

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Hello Maya, Your creative and heart touching poem has beautifully signified the importance of love and friendship to have a peaceful world. We don't want hatred among ourselves except love, passion and generosity to each other. I have also grown up in a place of aberration where racial, communal discrimination is mostly observable in every aspects of my life. But i have learnt not about the hatred but about the love and kindness. You, i and all want a beautiful world for our next generation. Thanks Ukhengching Marma Bangladesh


Thank you so much for your comment, Ukheng. You have expressed it eloquently.

Warm wishes to you, my friend.

I should add: I reread my post again and realize that I took out an important part of it. The words "Shukran," "Sabakh al kheer," and "Yom saied," are all in Arabic. (Jordan is an Arab country.)

~ Maya