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While Zimbabwe is burning economically. A lot of voices are rising up with various ways of informing the regime of its failures, carelessness and poor governance. A traditional music piece led by Zee Guveya have released a powerful single that spells the ills in Zimbabwe through satire . The song reflects how bad Zimbabwe has become, how politicians are shortchanging the masses with lies and propaganda rot. The title of the song MUSHA UNO WAIPA with lyrics that are in tandem with Zimbabwe political, economic and social terrain that have also seen young people demonstrating in streets and government offices every day of God, the lyrics Musha uno waipa Zvenhema manyaya  baba  , Munongonenedzera vamwe Musha uno  waipa Vana tatambura Musha uno waipa This poetic verse is to the point for it depict how the Zimbabwe ruling elite is blaming sanctions the decay of the economy while its failing to reign its corrupt officials , ministers and parliamentarians. The Anti- corruption commission is just a toothless bull dog like all other commissions that are not achieving anything than bringing more problems to the already broke and political volatile republic. Nobody among the ruling elite was convicted since the inception of all these window dressing commissions. The diamond that was expected facelift the economy have been looted and the looters are walking free and nobody in government want to talk about it. The song Musha Uno Waipa is actually timeous and it is prophetic. The powerful lyrics are accompanied by the sweet tunes of mbira , vibrating danceable drumbeat , equalizing percussion resonating with beautiful voices of female band members . Most of the band members are resident in the United Kingdom and they have since kept their musical traditions of Mbira even though resident in a foreign country. Survival/Heritage Band is an outfit that include the following members: Zivai 'Zee' Guveya, Paul 'Prada' Kuzinya, Norman 'Jekanyika' Muza, Patrick Nyakudya, Gabriel 'Konyai' Makamanzi, Willad 'Ras Willow' Karanga, Tendai 'Tindo ' Bhasvi, Zororo 'Zo' Mubaya-Kavuru. The outfit is destined for greater heights and they are looking forward to represent the masses through their educating, entertaining, sweet and informative music.

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Dear Mbizo, 

Thank you for sharing the story of this band's mission. It is interesting how they were able to take a traditional song and critique modern issues facing society. As a foreigner peering in, I listen to the song and hear much pain and suffering in the tone of the lyrics, but also hope for the future in the light melody - that maybe things will change and peace and justice will be restored in Zimbabwe. 

I think it is also interesting how the band uses this "powerful single [to] spell the ills in Zimbabwe through satire" because I can't help but think of Rebecca Solnit - an American writer who employs satire in her manifesto called "Men Explain Things to Me" in which she attacks female oppression in American society. 

Sometimes music is able to say the things we cannot articulate. Thank you for bringing light to this issue. 

All the best, 

Sycamore May

Sycamore May