One of the Objectives of GLOFEX is to promote the establishment of eco-communities across Africa:

What are Eco-Communities:

Eco-Communities are communities of people who strive to lead a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with each other, other living beings and the Earth. The purpose is to combine a supportive social- cultural, environment with a low impact lifestyle. Before the colonial days many African communities where eco-communities. It actually took a village or a community to raise a child. With colonial take over of our communities and so call westernization, many communities across Africa are quickly losing this purely human value and developing into Urban Jungles !!!!

There must therefore, be a new social structure within African eco-communities that goes beyond the dictionary of Urban Vs Rural Settlements. This is what I call the Rural-Urban Nexus (RUN,) where rural and urban communities engage in meaningful collaboration and partnership to build a resilient society.

Hence African Eco-communities must represent a widely applicable model of planning and re-organization of human settlements in the Continent of Africa for the 21st Century- It must take the efforts of every stakeholder to achieve this!!!!!!

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Dear Mboneenie,

Thank you for your very interesting post! Living a more sustainable lifestyle, in harmony with nature and one another, is a very worthwhile goal. It sounds like the rest of the world would be wise to follow Africa's lead in this concept.

You mentioned a "Rural-Urban Nexus (RUN,) where rural and urban communities engage in meaningful collaboration and partnership to build a resilient society." Can you tell us more about this idea?

Looking forward to hearing more about this project!

In support,





I should also mention -- this would be a great contribution to our Environment Group (I see you are already a member -- great!), and perhaps the Leadership Group as well! You may find other women with similar interests or working on similar projects to connect with. If you have any questions about how to join or post to those groups, please let me know!

All the best,


Hello Sarah,


Thank you for your mail and information. I have been a member of World Pulse since its conception. I was the topical curator for the Global Water Sustainabillity Forum. I promote the establishment of Eco-communities across Africa and I would like to share my work. There has been so many changes on world pulse. I need to study it see how best I can share my postings.

Ms Rosemary Olive Mbone Enie Geologist/Gender Ambassador, CEO/President Elite Ventures Africa Ltd/ Executive Director, Salama Heritage Ecovillage (SHE) Tanzania  P O Box 72816, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel: 00255 683756729 Skype: rosemaryenie