About Me: I am very interested in the struggles of women world wide. I lost my family at an early age and knowing nothing about sex, and was raped on a date, and got pregnant. I was labeled the " black sheep" of my family aand was told "you made your bed now you lie in it". This was by my father the only one left alive other than me in our family. I was embarrassed about what happened to me, this was 51 years ago, and did not tell him the. Through his insistence I got married at 15. By eighteen I was mother of three children and battered daily by that husband. He left me four years later, without support, and three children. Fortunately for me and other women who suffer these trials is that I had a strong spiritual foundation to take me through the next very difficult years. A twenty year marriage followed two years later, but was most challenging. At 25 I was a mother to five. At 43 I finally met my current husband for the past 24 years who was teaching Nonviolent Communication, and learned this skill. I followed by becoming a certified trainer in 1996. Several years of teaching this with my Husband went by, and I decided to then use my skills as a sculptor to create a series of sculptures of people who have or are working for nonviolent social change. When they are displayed, I found that people would become interested and read about the lives of these humanitarians. I have completed 23 in this series, and hope next to sculpt the women of the Nobel Women's Initative. Www.humanitariansculpture.com is my site. I donate my works, and speak to school children about lives committed to nonviolence. This is most rewarding. I find my life's journey, though at times most difficult, has given me strength,and compassion, and a drive to share stories of courageous women,and men who have made a commitment to nonviolence, and humanitarian action. I have written a book about this unexpected journey to raise funds for my work. Tewnty one of these sculptures are located at the Southern Oregon University. I am currently looking for a place to house the Nobel Women, public place wher people can become aware of their work.

Before I create a sculpture I read all the books I can possibly find on each person. this has given me a rich education in the power of nonviolence, and about the strength of spirit that can come from adversity when one has loving support. Pulsewire has the opportunity to be a support system. I think this is marvelous and am looking forward to being a active member.

My Passions: Humanitarians for nonviolent social change, sculpting, craft

My Challenges: Time

My Vision for the Future: That the world learn. Nonviolent communication, and learn how to address pain in a compassionate way before it turns to violence, this is at the heart of all faiths. Empathy and compassion for others

My Areas of Expertise: Nonviolent communication www.cnvc.org,


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Dear friend,

You are welcome to World Pulse. You are now a member of a vibrant community of women from all parts of the world.

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Grace Ikirimat

"It takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success."

Hi Meera! am trying to add to my friend list all the people in Ashland, so would love to have you on my list. The little box to 'add to my community' didn't show up on your profile, so hope this reaches you. As an aside, I went to your house for the tea for 4GGL and became a monthly supporter. Thanks for hosting her! Debra (Sri Savitri)