-for the queen of hearts, may you escape the deck.

52 Pick Up

It didn't offend you, reading hip to hip while
he swam twenty feet away, why would it?
Wasn't that the distance from us to him
while he slept as you kissed me, the first
time in three seasons.

You carefully laid out your reasons
for being with him - all jokers
and instructional cards for how to play 'war'
or 'go fish,' you turned the jets on
every fifteen minutes so bubbles
hid our hands intertwined -
Miss Mary Mack or cat's cradle style
fingers knitting webs.

If he stirred, walked to the balcony
he would have seen our bodies
quaking open like the Grand Canyon
birthing Colorado's river flowing
through three states

does the mouth of this feral stream
begin where our legs end?

do we become Atlas with patriarchy
balanced on our lips, where
is the softness below the weight?
our organs flex into stone
sky breaks open like a pomegranate
heeding a storm rides near - jump
ship, or turn off the jets - he can see
from up there as you shuffle fifty-two

you tell me to cut the deck -
I throw them.

Let him find us instead and rebuild himself
laying the Queen on the ground where he insists
she belongs, let the earth support her again,
he'll have separate quarters
surrounded by Jacks, the Aces
will be high, deuces low - castle
barricaded by face cards, so when
he looks out he knows he is superior,
oh king, let us stand and admire your crown,
pull that sword from your head
let's see how tall you stand
fuck the Queen of hearts for leaving
you have the spade outside on her back.

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published for the people :)

I read most of what I write in the community. Publishing may come later. I don't claim to be a poet, but lots of my thoughts come out in a free verse poetic form. I'm not disciplined enough to "murder my little darlings" as Walt Whitman said all good writers must learn to do. Of the poem posted, if it were published, there may only be 4 lines of the whole poem worth holding onto. That's why I prefer poetry in a spoken word format.

Hopefully some day though :) on my bedroom floor right now I have a 215 page manuscript broken into categories or fragments. That's my publication focus, if anything. I always thought I would finish my first novel by the time I was 25. I just turned 26 in April and had it completed. Now I just need to edit it and submerse myself in the world of possible publication. I need to find publishers who support the perspective and who are reaching to the community/audience who will connect. My goal for right now, instead of publication, is audience focus and widening my audience because I know people connect to what I say sometimes, or often, I just want more people to connect more often. I always feel blessed whenever I read Louise Gluck, Anne Carson, or Jeanette Winterson and I want my readers to feel the same way, to put the book down in between lines because it's so beautiful. Ah. It will be so!

"...our compassion is the practice of unconditioning." Jakusho Kwong Roshi

I am glad you are humble but I believe you are a poet. Your words are far to graceful and your lines not only influence the way I think but changes the way I look at things. Due to this remarkable affect you have on my I am claiming you and even defining you as a poet.

With constant amazement and support, Carri Pence