What I'm Leading

 My campaign is to create a ripple effect so more and more women can access financial and business education for free .

In Guatemala we live day by day with a cultural “machismo” which is rooted in all strata of the society:

  • Men are the head of the family. If they pay, they control the circumstances.
  • Men feel they own their spouse and children, and have control over them and their assets
  • The place of the woman is at home, working 24/7 without payment or recognition
  • Women who work feel guilty leaving their kids to caregivers, and are criticized for "not taking care of them"

These circumstances prevent women from voicing their opinion and can lead to abusive acts towards women. Many women stay in these abusive relationships just because they cannot afford to leave.

Who I'm Impacting

Women in Guatemala to thrive and break the cycle of abuse by becoming entrepreneurs

How to Get Involved