When you ask someone to tell their story, they aren’t always sure from where to start. I kept pondering on this question for some time until I finally started writing. Here is my story:

It’s a story of a 12 years old girl who didn’t do anything in her life except going to school which was boring. She didn’t do any extracurricular activities, nor did she hang out with friends a lot. She preferred sitting in her small room all by herself, playing with her dolls, and reading her colorful books, which were the most precious thing to her. Her room was her playground, where she had imaginary friends that accompanied her to faraway places. She kind of preferred this imaginary life than the one she had in reality.

But life is cruel, right? This girl grew up and suddenly she didn’t have the pleasure of staying in her room for long hours. She had to step outside to the real life; she had to go to university, and then to work in a bank which didn’t make any sense to her. The boredom and dryness of the grown-ups life was killing her; and so on a one sunny day, at the age of 21, she decided to leave this dry life behind, and go chase her childhood dreams no matter what risks it entailed.

She started by going through a journey of self-discovery where she did a lot of inner reflection on herself, her identity, values, beliefs, skills, dreams and hopes for the future. And then she tried to figure out a way to turn these inner dreams into a reality; she always called herself a “dream catcher” because she was good at it!

And after a long journey of self-discovery, life finally awarded her by guiding her to the work that she should be doing in her life: community development. Since she loved helping out people, and at the same time she was a creative person who loves arts and culture, she was able to combine all of these elements into her new path. She had a special passion for children since she always knew that the child inside of her will never grow up, so she decided to devote her work to those magnificent “dream makers” out there!

Ah, I forgot to say that she is a passionate writer who had been documenting every detail of her crazy life since she was 9 years old. She still keeps all of her old journals and reads them from time to time when she needs to reconnect with her dreams.

One day, one of this young woman’s dreams came true, and she got the chance to live and volunteer abroad for one year at the U.S. During this year, her path crossed with another dream catcher called Rachel. She was a lovely American Lady whom happened to share the same passion for development, writing and arts. Rachel told Mirette about Worldpulse: an inspiring network of women change makers from all around the world and advised her to join this network…and from this point the story has just begun!

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Journey and Vision.


Dear Mirette, I enjoyed reading your story that brings you all the way to World Pulse. You seem to have reflected on your life a lot or maybe your insight comes from all those years of documenting your life and it seems your self-discovery has served you well. What did you do that year you spent in the U.S.? What are some of your other dreams? I look forward to hearing where your story goes from here!


Thanks for your encouraging comment. I'm still in the U.S. for a one year fellowship at Earth Conservation Corps- an environmental conservation and youth development organization. I'm a dreamer by nature and tend to believe that any dream can turn into reality, you just need to believe in yourself. Thanks again!

Hello Mirrette,

Your energy to create, dream, and have positive influence is palpable. How do you see your personal vision intersecting with WorldPulse? It would be interesting to know why WorldPulse specifically appeals to you and what you are doing in your community work that you will share with us.

It's quite amazing how a rather solitary inward life can blossom into an active and engaged journey when you find your true passion - which you clearly have!

Much love and joy to you!

  • Laura

Thanks Laura. I believe that life is all about human beings, they are the most precious creatures on earth. We have unlimited strength to achieve all of our dreams, we just need to believe in ourselves. WorldPulse for me is about a platform to channel the voices of women all around the world. When you speak out loud, you are sending a message of faith and belief in what you're saying, you become more empowered to change yourself, and consequently the world around you.