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Tribal from Ajodhya hills in West Bengal, India reached Ratanpur village in Purulia district to take lessons. It was arranged by GVT working there. Visitors were all male members . On the other, trainers were of opposite sex representing different of Self Help Groups . Recently these ShGs came into light. Success stories of them had been published in news papers. Their stories were covered in local media. Batu Rajowar is the leader. She mobilized women in participating agriculture collectively. Under her guidance,women sowed turmeric. First time turmeric was grown in commercial scale in Ratanpur and surroundings. Batu along with her mates tilled the land, and did other operations in their own way. she taught others how to process and package turmeric dust. She attended agricultural fairs and sold homemade pure turmeric. This gave a new hope to many young women. Ajodhya tribal came to see ,share and learn Batu's activities. Ajodhya tribal were surprised in seeing that Women can do agriculture without any intervention or support from males. They vowed to carry the success story  in home. My hats off to those challenging guys of Ratanpur.


Hi Mitraprof !  Your inspiring story about Batu Rajowar leading other women in the village to produce and engage in trading of turmeric finds echoes in our community where village women are also taking taking over leadership post to improve their farming and their income. I am sure there are stories out there in your place that are equally inspiring.I would like you to join us in Economic Empowerement group so that you can be part of a group aiming to find and give support to another in different ways to attain economic empowerement. Come join us there where your stories can have a wider forum,


Thanks for your inspiring comments. I hope untold stories of marginalized women  need to be surfaced to ignite and influence others. Looking ahead. I shall join to the group as u mentioned.

Thanking once again

arabinda mitra