I have been on World Pulse since 2009. I was told about World Pulse by a Canadian journalist friend of mine who saw my passion for women’s issues and thought world pulse was the best place to interact with like-minded people.

One amazing quality of world pulse is the support of its members for each other. I am inspired by the willingness of the women to support initiatives that could bring actual change in the real world. I am also moved by the stories, hard work and tenacity of all the other women on this forum whose stories are helping to change the world. Moreover, world Pulse provide a forum where everyone is equal. This shows that the forum is the change that it seeks. In other words, change begins at World Pulse. At World Pulse, no one suppresses the other, people are free to bring up their respective views without fear of intimidation. This is important as the social media is inundated with high levels of intimidations and harassments; especially against women and girls. World Pulse provides a place of peace and sanity. It is said confiding in others allays pain. World Pulse provides a place where one could confide in others and experience that feeling of peace and freedom, even if one does so under a pseudonym.  World Pulse is a place that does not only develop the leadership skills of women but also help people find skills they never thought exist. For these reasons, I will continue my digital journey at World Pulse as I believe the opportunities are immense and I hope to play a more active role on this forum in the near future. I will also encourage other people who share our common values at world Pulse to join in.

As a member at World Pulse, I intend to champion the concerns and issues affecting women and girls in Sierra Leone and immigrants women in the UK where I currently live. I also wish to share the various initiatives being used to address the problems these women face. World Pulse provides the ground for personal development through experience sharing. I intend to gain knowledge from the experience of other amazing women on World Pulse.

I believe leadership comes from the grassroots. And leaders must champion initiatives and ideas from their people. The way to lead must take a bottom-top approach. However, what occurs in many parts of the world is the reverse. The only way we can change this is by building firm grassroots movements that could influence change in society. I also believe involving more women in leadership stand a great chance to influence change. Most of the issues we face as a people centres around women and children. I believe giving women the opportunity to lead we are addressing not only the many issues women and girls face but that of children too.

As a group I think we can mobilise efforts to boost the power of grassroots. The 2011 Arab spring showed the world how powerful grassroots movements can be in enhancing change. It also showed us the power and influence our virtual space can have on the actual.

Apparently, recent events around us such the #BringBackOurGirls and #MydressMyChoice protests have also shown how crucial the digital world is in bringing about real change. Yet, issues affecting women are still common and change is coming but seems slow. How do we use our online space to hasten change? To halt the unprecedented deaths of women and girls, child marriage, forced FGM/C, maternal and infant deaths et al.

Finally, I am confident this group is set to provide innovative ideas that will address the issues women and girls face daily and I am willing to be play my part in bring about that change we seek.


Hello Mkandeh,

Nice to connect with you again. You are such an amazing writer, and I cannot agree with you any less on all the wonderful things you shared about the spirit of the World Pulse community. Same for your ideology on the need for an inclusive bottom-up approach to leadership.

You are such a resourceful part of the World Pulse Community, and I have also learned a lot from some of your posts which I have been opportuned to read.

You have such a powerful voice backed by an outstanding understanding of issues that bother on women and girls. Accordingly, I enjoin you to participate in and also explore the World Pulse digital empowerment training program.

Kindly also check out the current World Pulse digital action campaign on Climate Change, and add your voice.

You inspire me!


Thanks for the comment Olanike. You inspire me too. I love your passion for the environment. I will surely add my voice to the CC campaign.



MS Kandeh

Dear Mkandeh, 

You are very much welcomed in our group, and thank you for your post. Yes, WP is a good and safe place for women to gather and share stories, this is a place where women can be energized with courage and love. I believe that women continuous exposure online and offline will change the power balance in many societies, making it equal. 

Please be free to join World Pulse campaigns like Action for Climate Change, sign the WECAN Declaration and share with us your story on how Climate Change is affecting women in your area.

You can also register in Digital Empoerment Training Program, which will equip you with needed tools to be part of Voices of Our Future program. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. 

Love and light,

A drop of rain can revive the earth, be the drop.



It was a joy to read your thoughts and experiences, especially since I am new to WorldPulse myself. I can tell you that are impassioned about women's rights and changing our world to better include women. You make several points that I wholeheartedly agree with, especially the importance of digital media and grassroots efforts. You asked " How do we use our online space to hasten change" which is an excellent question. I ask back to you, how have you seen digitial media, specifically social media, used as a catalyst for change in the past? In my country, social media is a useful tool for grassroot efforts and for advocacy groups to reach out to the general public and have been used to quickly educate and provoke change. For example, recently, through the use of social media, a company that had increased the price of medicine 7000% had to readjust the price due to public outcry. Do you think that there is opportunity there to utilize some of the same strategies, but in the case for womens rights?

I look forward to reading more from you, and gaining a better insight into your experiences.




Hi Samantha,

Thanks for your comments. I do agree that digital media- Social media campaign can indeed bring actual change.

However, I just realised while thinking that women's issues are influenced an can influence a lot of other issues in society. For instance, how do we mobilise women in remote villages who lack access to electricity and have never touched or seen a computer? for example in Sierra Leone child marriage is high in the rural area and for a village like Madogbo in the north of the country, it is a custom to give girls as young as 9 years old in marriage. This village lack electricity and its residents have not used a computer before. Because it is a small village, the government don't prioritise it needs because it makes 'no' difference in elections results.  Moreover, social media use demands level of education or literacy which many in remote villages don't have. Poverty and low economic power make it difficult for many in poor communities to have access to the internet. I remember when I visited Freetown two years ago, I could count when I used the internet with its very slow accessibility. All of these pose a challenge to making change in the physical from campigns in the virtual.

Yet, I do agree that we can pick a leaf from your example to use similar strategies to bring real change.

Thanks again Samantha

MS Kandeh

Hi Mkandeh,

Welcome to World Pulse and we are glad to have you join us and also share your thoughts and experiences.

Its amazing what a group can accomplish versus an individual and what one can learn if they allow themselves to learn. i hope that in our sharing you will learn much more and reach out to the Sierra Leone women and pass what you have learnt.

nice to meet you :)



Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only LOVE can do that. -Martin Luther King Jnr.

Hi Mkandeh!

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I really agree with your belief that grassroots movements are effective and that social media has played a huge role in it. Technology has enabled people whose voices have historically been silenced or ignored to be heard on a global scale.

I'm very interested in your statement that "leaders must champion initiatives and ideas from their people." Do you have any examples of a leader who has championed the peoples' cause? 

Thanks so much for sharing your story!

Best wishes, Casey

Hi Casey,

I do appreciate your comments.As I reply to your comments, I do not have any example of a leader who's championed his/her people's cause. However, a powerful civl society can force a government and it leaders to act on citizens' interests. For instance, in Ghana, a civil society campaign was able to get the country's legislature reviewed an oil deal with some Chinese investors which was not in the interest of the people.  A lot can happen with a strong civil society. 

Kind regards

MS Kandeh

Hello Mkandeh,

Great to meet you here on World Pulse and read your powerful story. After reading your introduction I firmly believe you will succed in your goal to use digital means to affect change. One of the great things about digital empowerment is that it does make the bottom up  approach of leadership and change more accessible. I saw in an earlier comment you were concerned about access in the areas you wish to serve. You may find this article interesting: http://www.theguardian.com/global-development-professionals-network/2014... It mentions a number of organizations are tackling the issue of how to increase access to digital technology.  

Warm regards,


Hi Mkandeh,

I could see my journey reflected in yours. The strong sense of community we experience here in World Pulse, the sisterhood and its wonderful network of support and encouragement, the freedom to speak our minds. I'm deeply happy you're here, sharing your voice and creating this change you say this forum is. 

"How do we use our online space to hasten change?". I'm committed to discover the many ways of answering this questions side by side with you. Inspiration and determination are everywhere between your lines! I'll enjoy being one of your readers and learning in this common ground.

Stay strong!



Be a voice, tell a story, start the fire. | Sé una voz, cuenta una historia, enciende el fuego.

Hi San,

Thanks for reading. I look forward to joining hands with women like you to continue flying the WP flag higher. I also believe with our concerted efforts we can continue to pursue and bring change to our communities and countries.

Thanks for adding your voice.


MS Kandeh

Hi Mkandeh,

Thank you for such an amazing introduction that makes be proud to be a part of the World Pulse community and makes me think critically about how to affect concrete change. I am a new member to World Pulse, and your story was enlightening because it isn’t just a story of the past, but rather a story of continued work to empower women. 

Like you, I strongly believe in the power of grassroots change when it comes to championing social rights issues, and digital media is such a great tool to do so. Some of my professional background is in the social media marketplace, and I would love to follow and join any of the social movements you are pursuing.  

However, I also agree that change sometimes feels too slow, even with social media. That said, I believe in a combination of virtual and in-person action. In some oppressive regions, in-person action is nearly impossible or is very dangerous. However, there is always someplace in the world that a real, physical stand can be taken to help the women in Sierra Leone and immigrant women in the UK. I believe something as simple as a letter or a sign can make a big impact when combined with a social media campaign for justice. 

I hope that my feedback helps you start thinking about ways that you can combine the power of digital media with other actions to effect change quickly. 

I look forward to staying in touch & best wishes, 


Hi Kendra,

Many thanks for your comments. Indeed it is the combination of virtual and actual (in-person) action that brings the real change. Thanks for your insightful comments. Your feedback makes a huge difference. I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

Kind regards

MS Kandeh