For many women and children in Zuah Mandeh Town, the word 'computer' is nonexistent. Most have not seen a desktop before. When we read about the women weave the web campaign, we decided to take our ipad on the next trip and share it with girls and women in the village and explain its functions. Imagine the reaction. Everyone came around to be part of the action. However, we took our time to explain its functions to little Dorcas - a little girl that is marginalized in the that community and has been accused of being a witch!


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Thank you for writing, Mmonbeydo, and for sharing about your recent experiences with your iPad! I imagine the technology caused quite a stir for the villagers in Zuah Mandeh Town. I like especially that you took the time to explain and share with young Dorcas. Hopefully your kindness will be remembered and will serve as an inspiration to others to make use of the power of the internet however they can.

Best wishes from a global sister! Kristie

Dear Mmonbeydo,

I was so happy to hear that you took your IPad to the village and showed it to the girls and women there. I worked in rural South Africa for 5 years, and I know how excited people got every time we exposed them to something new. Life is those areas is very much survival focused and there are few opportunities to be exposed to the broader world. I'm sure that your kindness to Dorcas is something she will never forget!

My very best to you as you do your part in helping women connect through the power of the internet!


Dear Mmonbeydo,

Your story touched my heart and I am grateful that you posted the photo of little Dorcas. I have never been to any countries in Africa so your description of everyone gathering round to "be part of the action" connects me to the experience in your village when you showed the iPad to everyone. "Educating" little Dorcas is so much what WorldPulse is about: empowering women and girls through the use of internet tools to have their voice in the world. Beautiful story.

May your work continue to bring joy and power to those you care about.