I watched this talk when it was screened at the TEDxDhaka event last year. I was with a friend, and when this talk ended, we both had goosebumps! In short, this talk will introduce you, in the most poignant of ways, to the plight of many girls and women around the world. After watching this, I believe you, just like my friend and myself, will be re-energized to do more for the welfare of women.

As for Eve Ensler, I am certain a lot of you have heard about her. She is famous for her play "The Vagina Monologues." I look up to her as my role-model because of her activism, eloquence, and humility. It would be a dream to meet her and maybe to receive direct, one-on-one mentorship from her. I believe a lot of you will share the same dream after listening to her in this talk.

The link to her TED talk:

Best wishes, Monica