Nicely put, I live in a negative, male-driven environment where the dreams of women are stifled even before they are expressed and where this tradition is championed as one that preserves the modesty of women. In 2010, as the result of a spiritual re-awakening, I sought to escape this situation that was proving to be so detrimental to my sanity and sought to emancipate others who happen to be in the same ordeal. I studied harder than ever; worked harder than ever; volunteered even more; in the hope of achieving my goals. During this struggle in the path of reclaiming my self-esteem and self-identity, I discovered the Voices of Our Future program of World Pulse. The journey thereafter has been surreal.

Even before the official program had started, all the applicants were inspired and refined to deliver their best of journalism. It was challenging yet rewarding. I re-discovered my self-esteem in a new light as I overcame – one article at a time – the internal barriers of self-doubt. We had begun a global conversation surrounding issues that affected women universally. The power of conversation is that it empowers the voice that has remained undermined for years. The first step towards accomplishing any goal is to be able to communicate it clearly, confidently to someone other than you, and here we were doing just that – and more. Thirty-one women continued the conversation from the point others had left off. As the conversation ruffles the masses, we graduate from the program with a pledge to surge ahead with our advocacy against a lopsided society.

In my résumé (and anywhere that lists my credentials), I make it a point to mention that the Voices of Our Future program hones us in “solutions-oriented” journalism. That is not a fancy term I picked up from the training materials to embellish my résumé. That stands for a real skill I have developed throughout the training. If you compare my articles submitted over the months, you will notice a refreshing pattern. Registering the fact that brainstorming for ideas is relatively simpler than execution, World Pulse always focused on the latter. “You see a problem? What can you do to address it and to engage the wider community to act upon a solution?” My articles are no longer limited to problem-identification. They go beyond that to accommodate solutions vital for the welfare of women, and with that we indeed change the world through our words.

My mentors have elevated the meaning of mentorship. With every round of editing, I could see my work come alive a little more till it was fully resuscitated to take on the world. That is an integral one of the many connections I have made over this network. The community’s support is not restricted to our journalistic endeavours. It is a spring-board for change-makers. Whether in the form of an innovative logo or crisis-mapping software, World Pulse never let go of my hand in the crucial and daunting first stages of my projects.

That was months ago. Today, World Pulse is my solace from all the uncertainties, all the discrimination that a misogynistic culture thrusts upon me. Today, World Pulse is a community that immortalizes my vision, my stories.

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Your collective stories stir our consciousness and propel us all into action. Each of you face your challenges with fortitude, courage and determination, turning your fights into forces for the greater good. Through your visions, a brighter future is in store for women and girls everywhere.

I am inspired and humbled by the compassion of your hearts and the strength of your spirits.

Dear Ms. Janice,

Thank you so much!

You have been supporting me from the very beginning (the logo mentioned here refers to the one you created for my project) and I am so thankful to you for that.

Warmly, Monica

Your words are music for my mind and spirit. I was drawn to WorldPulse because of the focus on solutions sought on a world-wide level. Women have held in our words for too many generations. We are now writing our own sacred scriptures, boldly honoring those who work toward justice and peace here on this beautiful planet earth. I am so honored to be part of the efforts of you brave young women. Blessings to you, Monica. Yvette


Dear Ms. Yvette,

I am so inspired by this term- sacred scriptures. It's never too late for women to write their own sacred scriptures- this area has been dominated by males for too long. The new scriptures will be inclusive of people of all faiths and gender.

Thank you for your continued support from the very beginning of this journey!

Warm regards, Monica

Dear Monica,

World Pulse was made for you and women like you, and like me. Once we realize that we are connected, that we can relate through our struggles and that together we can find solutions, then we become agents for change. Together we are going to make this world a place where you and me can live happily and in peace. Thank you for all the contributions you have made to this program. You are World Pulse! Much love,

Delphine Criscenzo

Dear Delphine,

Thank you for that encouragement! Your words uplift me.

I agree with you- we are connected and if we find out solutions together, we can end the problems for everyone.

I am World Pulse and I will be persistent in thinking about solutions and in bringing incremental changes in the world.

Warmly, Monica

You are simply amazing, Monica! You speak your mind and heart with clarity, coherence and passion. You have defied the forces in your socio-cultural realm that can extinguish your desire to speak out and do something about the issues at hand. You are a living testament of positive radicalism. Press on and continue to inspire others, including me.

Ma. Lydia G. CallanoIloilo, Philippines+63 33 3158137 or 5138830

it is a great honor for me to be a member of world pulse.what makes happy me in your story is that you said that your focus is not the identification of problems but the accommodation of solutions for the welfare of women. that is really great Monica.

Mayele , Maman shujaa and World Pulse volunteer