Education opens the mind to endless possibilities. Education makes you curious. Education makes you want to question everything, and that’s what extremists are scared of. Boko Haram’s abduction of Nigeria’s future leaders is a vicious attack on Islam. It is a pity that spirituality, which is meant to bring peace, is forced to be at loggerheads with a basic human right, that of education. My mother had been deprived of education and to this day, she remains distressed by it. She joins me to condemn this abduction and to pray for the safe return of our girls.

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You are right that education opens minds and allows everyone to explore and learn. But what is resistant to this isn't spirituality .They are taking the name of religion to prevent people from getting educated. Religion and spirituality are two different things and whenevr the name of religion has been misused,it has been case of extremism and fanaticism. On teh other hand,spirituality shall always enlighten minds and broader their perspectives. In calling themselves religious ,they are in fact creating a fear for god rather tha creating love for mankind and god himself. Thanks for your share here , Soumya

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