It's that time of the year when leading magazines publish those get-the-most-clicks list, such as "Best/Worst Jobs in 2015."


Of course, the list is created after much commendable research into many factors, such as compensation, work environment, working hours, etc. And sometimes, I can sense which ones are going to be down and which ones are coming on top.


But then, something cringes within me. Can any job be categorized as "worst"? Isn't it more dignified to have a job than not having one at all? Of course, any job that is demeaning and that a person takes up because of poverty or out of compulsion can be deemed as worst on a case-by-case basis. Other than that, such listings are pretty useless in my eyes. I'd rather choose to respect every job, every working person, even if your job ranks low in these lists.

Good day to you! :-)


Dear Monica,

Thank you for sharing this post. I too have been seeing tons of lists being published about ranking jobs, schools and people. It seems as though societies want to be able to compartmentalize everything these days. I really enjoyed hearing your opinion and I have to agree with you that it should not matter where a job is ranked, having a job says a lot about a persons character and everyone in live has different backgrounds and circumstances that we do not know about. Who gives us the right to judge them if they occupy one of the worst jobs on the list. Thank you for sharing this as I really enjoyed reading your point of view.

Sincerely,  Alyssa Rust 

I'm with you! Those kinds of lists make me cringe too. Whether it's a list of "best" jobs or "worst" jobs, it just reinforces that the value of someone's work is up for public judgement.