Nature is unforgiving, the consequences of not preserving our forests are enormous. The effects of global warming are being felt all over. An example is Kenya whereby our forest are now reduced to bare land like the Mau Forest, the Mount Kenya forest. During colonial periods this forest had alot of forest cover but right now its a different story. Our rivers are drying up because there is no adequate rains. People should be discourage to cultivate in forest lands and the communities around the forest area to take charge and plant trees to return our forests to their former glory. There are many idle youths who can be employed to plant trees and take care of them. Trees are precious and when one cuts a tree he or she should plant another to restore the forest. The Department of forestry has failed to protect mother nature. When I see our officials driving big cars and drawing hefty salaries doing nothing about it it hurts me alot. There is so much talk that is not helping at all lets get the job done or we face the wrath of mother nature.


It is true that the effects of globe warming are felt every where, In my country the whether pattern is also changing and affecting many farmers and the nation at large. There is really need for governments throughout the world to sensitize people on global warming especially people in remote areas. By so doing it will enable people to take it upon themselves and start planting trees.

With Love Dando

America contribute to the problem sooo much, that I can't help feel responsible whenever I step into a car, and see all that smoke coming out the back, then thinking "times that by 100,000 in Anchorage alone". The I think of factories, then I think of overly large cities like New York....of Rush Hour and all of that smog coming into the air... America, and the world, must work together and come to a path where we stop, and slow down. Life is not so important that we cannot take a few minutes to car for the future of our Earth. Big Corporations are largely responsible for the way we live our life, and they should be the leaders in manufacturing clean, recycling tools and items that we use in our everyday life. Humans are just as prominent as we choose who we support, which is why I try to look where I shop, join sites....but it won't stop until we take this to the top. To the leaders. The problem is so real now, and I can't help but wonder why there isn't more action change the name of a few dollars. Thanks for being vocal! See you around,

Your posts are always so interesting to read so I thank you for always posting them for us! Deforestation is such a bad thing to happen since most people seem to think 'It is just a few trees, whats the big deal' and it helps when people post so they can see it does matter.

What we need is a song like that one that kids sing about "the knee bone is connected to the thigh bone" or however it goes to show the interrelations in nature! It is really showing up here in Alaska, especially effecting villages way up north. IN that Al Gore documentary they showed how a village that had been built on "permafrost" is having to relocate because the permafrost is melting.


I am very pleased to hear that you always like my posts. I appreciate that and I promise you there are many more to come have a nice day and may God bless you.