It amazes me a lot that even in the twenty first century Nairobi and other parts of the country are experiencing water shortage. In some ASAL (Arid and Semi Arid Land) in the country are the worse hit. I was watching television the other day and felt like crying when I saw people scramble for water and their animals were there drying and the residents were torn between fetching water for domestic consumption and letting their animals have a sip. In those sides water is brought to the residents once a week by a government track so once one misses out they have to wait for a whole week to get the precious commodity, just imagine what a life. Nature is so unforgiving we have now started feeling the wrath of mother nature after cutting down our water catchment areas. The rivers have dried up and the dams that supply us with water are drying up unless it rains, God have mercy on us. Kenyans need to be empowered on the need to preserve our forests. The motto:cut one tree plant two should be applied.

I am used to buying water myself and I cant even remember the last tyme there was running water in the taps. There is water rationing all over. I still do not understand if we can eradicate poverty by 2015 as stated in the millennium development goals if as country we cannot afford to provide a basic commodity as water.

Something needs to be done.I do not know whether to blame the government or whom.

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Hi monimambo,

I'm shocked to hear that even if people have some extra money in Kenya, they cannot get running water. Clearly there is a problem with the infrastructure of the country, and it would be great to see this problem addressed so we can indeed get closer to eradicating poverty. I'm looking forward to hearing more about this conflict (hopefully that something is being done!)

Thanks for telling us about the situation in your community,


Hi Maria

I agree with you that there is a problem with the infrastructure here. The problem started when the government allocated people land in the water catchment areas and others were allowed to cultivate in forest and the rivers started drying up. Now that we have been hit by this problem people have started talking and doing nothing.

I hope we come to a consensus as a country and realize the importance of our forests.

Thanks for your comment.



Thank you for raising awareness regarding water shortages in Kenya. This is an important global issue that at times is overlooked. Water is the source of life, and should be available to everyone. I am eager to spread the word regarding global water issues. Keep raising your voice!

Best, Jody PulseWire Online community

Hi Monimambo,

One of the very many aspects I love about PulseWire is the awareness that fellow members bring to us. You have caused us to think about water shortages- thank you!

Will you keep us posted as to how the situation in Kenya develops...I hear you when you say, I don't know who to blame. I guess it's all about discovering solutions and using the unbelievable resources of our thinking and our earth with keen understanding. Do you think?

Warm regards,


Hi Laura,

Thanks for posting to my journal I really feel encouraged when I touch somebody to react on some issues. i promise I will keep you informed on the situation in Kenya.