Hi Everyone!

I'm happy to tell you that after only two-weeks away, I am officially back on the World Pulse team!

We were very fortunate to have some grants come in, and we are now eagerly gearing up to launch the second year of Voices of Our Future! I'm so very excited to be here, hopefully working closely with many of you to make another memorable program come to life. :)

So, thank you for all the kind thoughts and warm wishes as I left earlier this month...but, gladly, I am back! I missed you, and I look forward to making some new memories together soon.

All my love,

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Welcome back my friend! :) )))))))

When will the trip to the US take place? Do you know anything yet?



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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, This calls for a celebration. I am dancing right now. What an awesome news! I am sure more than excited. Welcome back.Looking forward to work with you and everyone.


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